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  1. In a deep league like yours, depth is a good thing. Take Culver with the 5th pick. Keep Capela.
  2. So you see him playing 70 games. That’s not too bad. I’m hoping he plays all 82 just because he loves playing with AD lol
  3. Will he play only 55 games again this season or will he see more action since he will be playing PG?
  4. They both good young players, so it's a tough pick, but I'd take Siakam over tatum by a little bit. He can only get better now without Kawhi.
  5. you could get Deandre Hunter with that pick, but I still wouldnt do it. Especially only being able to start 5 per day. KAT, Giannis, Harden, Siakam, Middleton or Hield
  6. I like both players, but I'd hold onto Siakam. He's the Raps best player and they going to lean on him heavy this year with no Kawhi.