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  1. I love checking my matchup and seeing 30pts out of a 9th rd QB.. back to back weeks.
  2. i could care less about real life. I'm not a Falcons fan, i'm just here for FFB, obv.
  3. Why is there not more hype around Matty Ice this year? guy has been an absolute stud. Avg'ing 356yds, 2.5 passing td, 23.11points. Guy is the QB5 not far behind expensiven names like Mahomes and Watson. Loving my buy in in the 9th rd. Granted, he does have some tough matchups coming up, but it's not like his first 6 matchups have been walks in the park either.
  4. and you didn't see this coming and try to sell high?? He was the 2019 sell high candidate of the year.
  5. I can't see why the Yankees hold on to him. He is more fragile than Todd Gurley's knees, and they simply don't need him.
  6. He finished 1st in the AFC and 4th in the entire NFL in rushing yards last year, despite missing 2 games. He did that behind, and I think unanimously we agree, one of the worst offensive lines in the nfl last year. Mixon is a talented back, and in fantasy, if every good back that played for a crappy oline team was considered "dead weight", then Le'Veon Bell would be a free agent. Mixon is still a solid RB2. The reason the points are low is obvious - the team can't get him close to the end zone. He is still averaging decent numbers regardless, and the Cincy offense is clearly shifting the focus from Green to Mixon. Your argument on "Mixon is dead weight" is 20/20 hindsight. It's easy to look at what a player has done so far and just regurgitate numbers. People were saying that John Ross and Demarcus Robinson were studs thru the first two weeks. Now look. I don't own Mixon in any league, but I certainly wouldn't mind owning him. He is a proven solid back, and I have no doubt that he can produce...he's done it before and there really is no evidence to suggest that he is incapable of doing it again.
  7. Regarding your first issue, I would pull that trigger. I like Connor over TY in that deal, imo. And regarding your QB issue, even in a 12 team, there has got to be a decent streaming QB better than Jameis. If not, you could certainly send the Tate/Jameis offer for Brees. Wouldn't hurt to try.
  8. Lol welcome to fantasy sports. Maybe next time be careful who you trash talk/make more friends lol
  9. I'm well aware it's an opinion, but lets be real - no one is taking Gleyber ahead of the guys, ESPECIALLY Acuna. That's not saying Gleyber isn't solid.. But his ADP will be lower as Acuna will most likely be 1-3 overall and Soto will most likely be high 1st rounder. Like i originally said, Gleyber is solid, but his numbers don't quite reach Soto level, and Acuna has the big advantage with speed, which is borderline non-existent.
  10. who tf are your WRs TEs and RBs?!?
  11. Mixon. He has been buy low for weeks, and I'll bet you that window is closing soon.