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  1. Lol i swear you just go around trolling. Sad if someone takes your advice as serious
  2. its a 12 team league, you HAVE to have better players to keep than Paddack or Ohtani.
  3. I would start both STL, def not HOU, and prob not CHC
  4. 3 categories is a big hit. No cat point means more than any other cat's point - I would continue rolling with your SP - the matchups arent TERRIBLE. not to mention, if your pitching produces, you'll be kicking yourself. Personally I would keep rolling w them, pad your pitching lead more.
  5. The Jets. Then can em'. Save all 5 of us fans the misery of another hope for a 7-9 season but finish 4-12.
  6. I'll be watching this matchup very closely. He is unowned in my roto league, could be a pickup if he pitches decent.
  7. Pagan just laid down and died against SEA.
  8. When in 6 years, he WELL over doubled his career totals in HR... makes me, as an owner, pretttttty nervous for a keeper league.
  9. Because he is hitting the ball 40ft but 300ft in the air.