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  1. They traded a ******** safety to receive a potential TOP 5 pick in a deep 2020 draft. I would make that trade any day. Pittsburgh Steelers GM is a ******** idiot he thinks he can compete with Rudolph ? Lmaoooo
  2. I gave him a 5 years 23 million deal in the FA market in my dynasty league 2 weeks ago ... Steelers GM wanted him so I went way overboard. And now Big Ben is hurt, take that sucka! People thought I was an idiot ... I probably still am but I am a visionary!
  3. White Michael Vick with the stiffff arm It's a QB, It's a RB, It's a TE, It's a WR ? NO That's Taysom Hilllll !
  4. They have no choice, Bridgewater stinks!
  5. Lmao guess they will stop locking him down when they realize the real 49ers QB can throw and that they are getting crushed 40 - 10 each week
  6. Guys I have on my team that I think have good upside Takkarist Mckinley DE ATL Xavier Woods S DAL Jabrill Peppers S NYG Jordan Whitehead S TB Anthony Walker Jr. LB IND My league is 46 man active roster with IDP DYNASTY and a salary CAP we have 2 open spots if anyone is interested.
  7. The only reason Brady takes a QB paycut is that he knows if he goes to any other team he will be expose as a system QB fraud. He needs to preserve his aura ... You put Brady on the Giants and they go 0-16 You put Stidham right ******** now as the starting QB and they win 5 straight Super Bowl with that new found cap space.
  8. A grown man sucking on lollipop is a disaster bound to happen