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  1. Injury expert at The Athletic is thinking that Guice will come back to a reduced workload (sounds like less than 10 touches per week). We will see if Guice can push for more...oh, and of course - stay healthy.
  2. Yeah - is he programmed to bounce outside, cut back if necessary then fall/go down? Get it together man!
  3. I am impressed by what we have seen from Edmonds - the athleticism and burst. But those 20+ yard TD runs - wow, were those big holes. We've seen him be great with less to work with but he was pretty much untouched on those 3 scores due to the Giants D and/or the Cardinal O line/run scheme.
  4. Bum week but he was averaging 9 targets before yesterday's game.
  5. Serious eye test marks - impressive.
  6. In pre-season I thought we heard that Henderson was having issues picking up the playbook. Hopefully he has it by now. If so and if his pass pro is good enough, then he should get plenty of usage if Gurley misses any games. Two big ifs though.
  7. I like it. Have to pick your spots based on forecasted Washington offense this season and AD's 2018 game log.
  8. I'm wondering the same thing. I think I will start Josh Allen over him but I thought about it for a bit. Dalton with new OC & HC looked good in week 1.
  9. I'd say Davis and Cohen are more talented than Howard and Sproles - but the vibe is that Montgomery will get a larger % of touches than Sanders will...at least to start the season. It will be fun to watch it unfold. I'd be happy to have both backs, but prefer Sanders at lower (or even if he were at equal) ADP. I could easily be wrong.
  10. Surprised no one has dropped this yet on the thread, or do we only do it for baseball? Goodnight sweet prince. But really I'm holding for now...
  11. Taken on today's Rotoworld draft at 3.12 as the WR15 (Lockett WR18 and Golladay WR20 for reference...among other WR1's on their NFL team who were taken after Godwin, WR2 on the Buc).
  12. I hope y'all are right. But for this season only, I would not rank Cook over any of the above...just after though, so about RB12 with clean health