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  1. I appreciate the response. I had no idea that Kuzma was injured lol. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Hey this is the first fantasy nba draft I've ever done, so honestly I'm not sure how my team looks. Any advice you throw my way would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. 12 team H2H 9-cat. G: Irving, Westbrook, Hayward, Redick, Kyle Anderson F: George, Tatum, Millsap, Kuzma, Saric C: Harrell, Bryant, Dedmon, Zubac
  3. definitely accept that. Ayton is better
  4. You seem very solid. Looks like you did a good job of balancing out every position.
  5. Overall you got a solid team. Real good backcourt in Lillard, beal and young. I love the Hayward pick. I'm a huge believer that he'll bounce back this year and I wouldn't be surprised if he leads the Celtics in scoring.
  6. I think as far as value goes they are comparable to each other. If you really think you need the assists then go for it. But will giving up Siakam hurt your team in other categories?
  7. I'd stick with Bridges for now. He has the year of experience under his belt versus the rookie Washington.
  8. Huerter is getting a lot of hype this year, but I'm afraid you'd be giving up too much for, like you said, "draft end flyers." Personally, I'm a fan of sticking with the team I drafted, at least for a few weeks, and then making in season moves based on what you've seen.
  9. Middleton. Kyle Lowry is aging fast
  10. I agree. I'd drop Bazemore for Saric. Overall you've got a solid team, very balanced. I think you're strong in FG%, FT%, and Rebounds, so if you were to make a trade I'd favor those stats. I don't know if you've ever heard of the strategy called "punting," but it means strengthening particular categories and weakening others so you can guarantee a win at one or some categories (hope that makes sense). In my experience it works well.
  11. Whats the best site to start or join a dynasty league?