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  1. Not yet for me. Ill week 1 and then facing a matchup he normally struggles in week 2 leaves me feeling that better days are ahead. I feel that against New York he reminds what he actually is.
  2. He's interesting. Probably a bit more under the radar than he should be. I'll bid 0 and see if he can be an option.
  3. If he were to be dropped I'd be interested. Goose egg wasn't isolated to him, Jimmy Graham and Njoku scored that too so TE remains needy for all but a handful of owners in leagues right now.
  4. Hopefully the official word is similar. Don't really want to take the players view of what is manageable
  5. I'm not convinced this will be a bounce back. I expect him to be an RB2 but if you're relying on him being more than that I think he'll let you down this week
  6. Recovery time seems very optimistic. Very disappointing news for him
  7. It could also be none of the above or even both. No idea personally but I have Samuel so I hope it's him.
  8. Media isn't about facts anymore it's just about first.
  9. Agreed. Hold until official but it looks like Pollard opportunity isn't now
  10. I might be wrong but I assumed guaranteed money was the problem but yearly salary.
  11. As the season goes on possibly but I think short term Williams should be the main piece of the backfield
  12. I don't have any Duke Johnson shares but I feel he'll do a nice job for Houston. I think he'll get the meaningful work which might only be RB2 level but unless you drafted him recently at his ADP highs you have to feel you have a bargain
  13. I'd gladly take one week from pollard.