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  1. Forecast for Sunday isn't actually too bad. It won't be windy. There will be rain, but that might help McCoy out as they may not want to throw deep as much. Arrowhead is artificial turf, unlike last night's game on grass. We shouldn't see nearly as much slipping like Fournette did. Fire him up.
  2. Chiefs site has the practice report. They show McCoy having a full practice, but questionable for Sunday. Go figure.
  3. I seriously doubt it. They had to have put language in there that voids the money if they cut AB for something like this. Either that or they are idiots.
  4. If the Pats couldn't get him to behave, nobody can. I think he might be done mainly because of his age. It's going to take a while for this stuff to work through court, and I doubt any team gives him a shot. By that time he'll be like 32 or maybe 33 and he's going to have to convince a team that he won't be a distraction. Doubtful all this happens.
  5. I don't like this limited tag on him from today's report though....ugh. What to do....
  6. After watching last night's game, I'm not pleased either.
  7. Did someone from the team say that they were going to be cautious, or is it a beat reporter making a guess?
  8. It's a strange practice report. On the Chief's website, McCoy is listed as having a full practice, but questionable for the game. I'm gonna put more weight on the full practice. I mean honestly, how does a guy go from limited practice on Thursday to full practice on Friday, but then miss the game? Having said that, definitely think we need to make sure he's not a surprise inactive.
  9. Yeah. Logic would dictate that the Ravens focus on stopping the pass after what they saw last week. Bunch of no name WRs torched Oakland. Plus they know McCoy is dinged up and he's got a rookie RB behind him. If I'm Baltimore, I'm playing my safeties back and making sure Mahomes doesn't get any home runs. Of course, this means no stacking the box or run blitzing, which will help McCoy a lot.
  10. As part of Team McCoy, I will say that it's not really cool for Team McCoy to gloat that they were right. It was decided by injury, and we still don't know how it will turn out. If I owned Williams, I would hold for now and see how McCoy does. If he flops, then you should keep holding and see what happens. If he goes off, then I would try to trade Williams to the McCoy owner for something. He would have a lot of value as the best handcuff in the league, especially to the McCoy owner. At the moment, though, DWill has very little value with the threat of McCoy owning the backfield soon. Best to hold.
  11. It was a threat. The ambiguity here is what kind of threat it was. It could be - a. "I know you're a liar and I'm going to fight your lies to the end. I'm going to investigate you and prove to everyone that you're a bad person." - possibly understandable b. "You better stop if you know what's good for you. I have resources that can make your life real bad." - very bad. I don't know which one it is because I don't know what actually happened and who is telling the truth. However, in either case, it was dumb. Even if it was a., the NFL may believe it could have been b. and suspend him. He should have kept his mouth shut and just done the investigation on his own, and used it to defend himself.
  12. Agree. I think he'll have a long leash too, being one of Andy Reid's favorites. Also, I don't think it's going to be a one game tryout for the fulltime job. Williams didn't sound like he was anywhere close to coming back. Didn't even get a limited practice in. It really sounded like he had a bone bruise, which is a multi-week injury. It's likely Shady can have a subpar game this weekend and still get another shot the following week.
  13. We'll see what happens. Certainly it looks like McCoy is in great shape now, but it's because of injury. If Shady doesn't do his part and ball out, we may be back in this thread debating if Williams, once he's healthy, becomes a factor again.
  14. They didn't give Shady $3 million to backup Darrel Williams. He'll get a full load. If he has a strong game, I think the backfield is his. Damien goes back to being a backup / COP guy.
  15. Need to see the practice report. If he got in a full practice, he's locked in. If it's limited, then I think we all need to keep an eye out for a surprise inactive on Sunday.