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  1. 12 teams. I have a few managers who have no checked in. If you are an active manager would like to add.
  2. I am very interested. Been playing since 20022 fantasy hockey on Yahoo. Brad valadamir9@yahoo.com
  3. I am looking for 1-2 active managers for a 1st year free competitive keeper league in Yahoo. POSITIONS 4 Center - 4 Right Wingers - 4 Left Wingers - 6 Dmen - 2 goalies - 3 IR and 3 NA STAT CATEGORIES Players: Goals, Assists, Plus/minus, PPP, SOG, Hits and blocks. Goalies: Wins, GAA, Save % and Shut Outs This is a nice balance with statistics that help actual NHL teams win games and blocks place value on other players. KEEPERS At the end of the season you will need to keep 10 players (max 2 goalies) and 3 prospects. PROSPECTS Prospect eligibility will be 71 games for players (not including playoffs) and 51 games for goalies (not including playoffs). This means they cannot surpass 71 or 51. You will be able to use the NA spots to stash prospect not playing in the NHL but you would need to use a roster spot if they are in the NHL. PLAYOFFS The top 6 teams will make the playoffs with the first two teams getting 1st round byes. The other six teams will play for the last 6 positions. DRAFT The draft is set for Saturday September 28th- 5pm PDT The 1st draft will be randomized. RULE CHANGES When we pass through half of the season we will review the rules and see if we need to make any changes for next year. We do value everyone's opinion. Please email valadamir9@yahoo.com if you are interested. Brad Reply
  4. Still have a few spots left for active and competitive managers.
  5. oops I gave wrong email should have had a 9---- valadamir9@yahoo.com
  6. I am looking for new managers for a brand new keeper league on Yahoo. The league is transfering from another keeper league and will be head to head points league. It will have 10-12 keepers with 3-4 prospect keepers. The stats will still be debated on Yahoo but hoping to avoid PIMs or Shutouts as a stat since involves a lot of luck. Draft will be end of September and no money will be involved just pride. If you are interested active manager who will edit lineup please email valadamir9@yahoo.com
  7. I would be very interested in case of another spot. 20 plus years experience in hockey fantasy leagues. valadamir9@yahoo.com