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  1. I’m interested if still available for the Chubb/Mahomes team but can’t see the league. Hello_operator4@yahoo.com
  2. email is hello_operator4@yahoo.com is the draft happens to be moved to a different time/day
  3. I unfortunately can't make that time work tomorrow. I have a live draft at 7:00 and an online one at 9:30 tomorrow...dang..
  4. Anyone have a free espn draft going on tonight?
  5. League might not be viewable by public. Saying I don’t have access to view from that link
  6. I'd be interested in getting some information - sounds fun. hello_operator4@yahoo.com
  7. Interested in the details. hello_operator4@yahoo.com
  8. Yupp. This Saturday at 10:30 PDT/1:30 EST right? Online I'm assuming