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  1. League is PPR 12 team Draft is snake I currently have 2 8th round picks and no 4th. Have an offer on the table... I give a 7th and an 8th I get a 6th and an 11th If I do the trade I would still have an 8th since I had two, 2 6ths and no 7th Should I do the deal?
  2. I dont look at it as not having a 2nd became a 1st...only thing I dont have is a 4th and who was I getting there anyway Henry/Ingram or a Rams WR? I dont think I lost much to move from pick 20 to 6 and lock up a stud RB and overall #1 WR or #1 and #2 WR. I just can't decide if I look better with DJ DHOP and then lets say diggs OR DHOP, Adams and lets say freeman mack or montgomery
  3. 12 Team PPR We start QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, FLEX, DEF I am picking in the 5 spot. Guy who has pick 6 offers me his 1st and 8th for my 2nd and 4th (his pick 6 and 91 for my pick 20 and 44) I jump on that so now I own: Pick 5, 6, 29 (no 2nd and 4th round pick - 29 is my original 3rd round pick I just put it in there to show where i would pick in the first 3 rounds) So, assuming Zeke is back and draft goes CMC, Barkley, Kamara, Zeke... Do I go DJ and DHop/Adams? or do I go Adams and DHop? If Zeke is NOT back do DJ goes before me do I go DHop and Adams? or do I go Bell and a WR (one of those two) My 3rd pick will be pick 29 and at that spot I think I have a better choice or WR than I do RBs, so I'm assuming I need to at least grab one in first round, no? Though having DHop and Adams in PPR is pretty nice. Any other suggestions?
  4. IMO, I dont think Godwin lives up to his hype
  5. I think either Adams or DHop....depending on where you look one of the two are ranked as top WR for the year so you cant go wrong - just a matter of who you like more this year.
  6. I have 5th pick also and am in similar scenario. Cant decide between DJ, DHop or Adams.
  7. its way too early for kelce there. I agree if you don't want DJ or DHop/Adams, try and trade down.
  8. Kelce in the 4th? even in a 10 team league thats crazy....hes going late first early second.
  9. Chris Carson Westbrook (DEEPER GUYS) Singletary Ballage