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  1. I think y'all may be oversimplifying this. Diontae is going to get more looks but Washington will likely have as many air yards (on fewer targets). Ultimately it'll boil down to who does more with their slice of pie.
  2. I wouldn't let it sway you too much. He admitted he was purposely playing differently in preseason to see which guys would fight for balls. There may be other reasons to be cautious but this should definitely not be one of them.
  3. Haha - word! Well he'll be a hot waiver add the week Ingram goes down.
  4. Hill is *slightly* faster. Like a Lambo is slightly faster than a Prius. EDIT: In case it wasn't obvious, IMO Hill and Dixon are not even remotely in the same category. They both play 3rd downs but that's where the similarities end.
  5. Honestly WTF!!! It wasn't the helmet, it was the visor/guard apparently. Which he's had all season...
  6. So now that Ben is out for the season, Washington's college QB is going to be to be throwing to him again...? And this thread is on the 8th page??? Did anyone see any of the preseason? BUCKLE UP FOLKS!!!
  7. Congrats on the the right choice! Anyone in here have any reason to believe this (Preston >>> Devante) isn't what everyone should be doing...? Cause I sure don't.
  8. Good stuff, but you're not accounting for Martavis. He really skews things from 2014-15... he could have been the original Juju were it not for weed. No dog in this fight just thought it was worth mentioning.
  9. More polished, yes. Better, nah.
  10. Won't argue with you here. I think he's extremely mediocre. Flashes of athletic brilliance + bad hands and focus = MEH. I would almost certainly drop him for Washington immediately. But I also expect they might feature Diontae this weekend. We'll see in a few days
  11. Go with your gut, but also realize that Washington and Dionate will be long gone off waivers by the time everyone realizes Moncrief is a true bust. I think the Colts figured it out. EDIT: Seriously, take a look at this (albeit very small play) highlight posted in the Diontae thread. Moncrief hasn't made a single one-handed catch like that in his career. When you see flashes like THIS, pay close attention. I remember seeing it during the game and going WOW!!!
  12. Gonna quote myself here cause it seems even more obvious now. Steelers are very good at drafting receivers, and no so great trading for them. I think they brought Moncrief in for the veteran presence - hopeful their own guys would beat him out.
  13. Ugh, I really hope they let him rest rather than rushing (ha) back. Wonder if Gruden isn't forcing it given the position he's in... also wonder if Guice feels like he needs to prove something given all of his time off. Bryce Love in the background can't be helping either.
  14. FWIW I agree with you. Also worth clarifying my original statement - when I said Kittle mojo, I meant mojo. Not playstyle. Ravens have some creative plays up their sleeve and Mark Andrews is going to be in a lot of them.
  15. In the way that Andrews is a receiving TE with a knack for YAC, and is also a very good football player with a fiery personality. Agree that their body types lend themselves to different playstyles. Andrews seems somewhere between Kittle and Delanie Walker.