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  1. Mallex Smith 2018 Outlook

    Carlos Gomez signed by Rays
  2. Off-season Closer Thread 2017/18

    I don't care where Knebel's ranked. Melancon & Britton & Chapman were sure things last year. It's what Zimmerman & Silver keep saying on the Launch Angle. When trying to snag the next closers, you have to use a little game theory like when you make your DraftKings lineup. You can't just stack the Rockies lineup in DK and you can't just keep guessing Fernando Rodney's backup.
  3. Off-season Closer Thread 2017/18

    The recent Launch Angle podcast got me to thinkin'. As we try to guess who can lose their job early, I'm looking at early Strength of Schedules 😃. The MIL closer position has been pretty volatile as of late. Even with Knebel's increased velocity & K-rate, a lot of games in April vs Cubs & Cards. With Hader used as the 2 IP stud, maybe Jacob Barnes could be the 14-15 SwSt% guy who gets an early chance while Knebel's SwSt% & xFIP & thus ERA regress to previous years.🤷‍♂️ Barnes' 2017 line looks eerily similar to Knebel's 2016 line.
  4. 2018 Sleepers/Value Picks

    Now that Jarrod Dyson has signed.... .... In 2015 the SF Giants promoted a SS/3B from AA to backup Casey Mcgehee. Matt Duffy. He put up 12/12 with a near 300 avg, hitting near the top of tge lineup. This year Steve Duggar has a chance to open the season as the strong side of the CF platoon (w/ Austin Jackson). After nagging flexor & hammy injuries hampered him last year, he had a decent Fall league (260/365/420, 9SB/1CS). career MiLB 380 OBP over 3-4 seasons. Today's guest on Pavlovic's Giant Insider Podcast.
  5. 2018 Sleepers/Value Picks

    ^ Wrt Stratton's philosophy from last year via Eno: New pitching coach Curt Young might have a different philosophy on pitch mix than Righetti. Young used his curve a lot when he pitched. All speculation, no direct quotes from camp yet.
  6. Dylan Cozens - OF PHI

    interesting strategy .... put on an add'l 20-30 lbs of muscle in order to "swing easier", have more control of the bat and thus more contact.
  7. Off-season Closer Thread 2017/18

    OMG that article bumped on my twitter feed and I didn't re-check the date of the article. My bad. I thought the author was the idiot 😂🤡
  8. SP Eligible Relievers 2018

    IMO, that "bigger question" is so 2016. In 2018, I'm looking for Chad Greens & Josh Haders & David Phelps that I can put in one or both of my SP slots (on days an SP isn't going) and add up to an elite SP aggregate with some Holds added in. Finding the next Iglesias or Norris is cool too, I admit.
  9. Off-season Closer Thread 2017/18

    1700 words on why Goold thinks Reed is the best bet for Cards closer 🤔😃
  10. Ryan Helsley - RHP STL

    Touching 100 early in camp
  11. Jesse Winker 2018 Outlook

    I 100% agree with this tweet. Every single day, professional sports decisions become more & more focused on +EV or the "percentage play". Even an old dumby like Mike Lombardi is talking about it on his latest football podcast wrt the Eagles & Doug Pederson. Any lineup with Billy Hamilton at the top should get Bryan Price his pink slip. I love Winker's hidden ADP (370 in LABR). I'm gonna stack Winker, Votto, Gennett & Schebler vs RHPs all summer in DraftKings.
  12. Odubel Herrera 2018 Outlook

    2017 ADP ~ 125 2018 ADP ~ 150 Here's some narrative for all your draft research. 1) In 2016, Odubel had 500 PAs at leadoff or 2nd in order. He had a 10 BB% and 9 SB in each position. In 2017, he only had 150 PA in the first 2 spots. My conclusion: Miscast as a run producer. 2) If he hits 2nd, as expected, he will be on 1st base with possibly the most patient batter in the game (Carlos Santana) at bat. Do more pitches seen by the batter up = more SB possibilities for Herrera? Maybe. 3) What is Gabe Kapler's SB and plate approach philosophy? Yet to be seen, but in his short MLB career, Kapler was a patient hitter who swiped bags at a decent clip.
  13. Randal Grichuk 2018 Outlook

    ^ With that news plus the Rogers Centre HR to LF park factor of 1.05 compared to .85 for Busch, aren't some of you feeling like he's Adam Duvall 100 picks later? (Reminder: Duvall hit #7 for April-May 2016 before moving up to 5. Grichuk is projected at 7 on opening day.)
  14. Willie Calhoun 2018 Outlook

    Not a response to Magoo but a warning tag on this thought. Willie C is already exhibiting the "2017 Paxton effect" by often going higher in competitive leagues. Pick 214 in LABR, just after Haniger, Peralta, Morales, T.Anderson...