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  1. Mitch Haniger aka the OP of this year's Deep Sleepers thread (ADP 400+)
  2. Another great bump by bbythepier around the Super Bowl time (when people care about baseball again). The Heyward "value"year. I'm betting it won't be here next year.
  3. Had another start in LF on Thursday. 3 for 3, HR (2) yesterday. 1100 OPS early. Re-adjusting to AA after his stock fell late last year. Possible trade chip in July?
  4. FYI: 1st career start in OF SFG LFs: 0 for 20, 10 Ks
  5. Momentum watch: SFG LFs: 0 for 20, 10 Ks Slater on opening night in a dreary Sacramento: 2/4, 2B (over LF head), 3 RBIs
  6. I'm the biased OP of this thread but with Cain getting a 2-start tryout to start the year (via KNBR and the off-days in schedule during April), Beede has to be considered in top 3 preseason "2016 Michael Fulmer" candidates. (Fulmer replaced Greene after 2-3 starts + injury)
  7. We have the entire offseason closers thread to argue over "the elites value in roto" and we re-hash it in the first few pages of the new April thread? Weak sauce. Go ahead and reply that I'm on my high horse but I'd rather we save it for "who's warming up in the pen during the 8th" posts.
  8. Source: Joel Sherman twitter feed Bird hitting 3rd is gaining steam. *The Bird hype was evident dating back to my Feb 6 thread bump when the NFBC sharps were 100 spots higher on Bird than the more public outlets.
  9. Elbow irritation. Already. #%$&!
  10. Still crushing ST with SP5 on the line 3IP, 0R, 4K, 2 baserunners
  11. I went back and watched about a dozen swings from last year, admittedly all hits. Obviously the hands are lower and quieter, but it does appear to the naked eye this year's swing has 5-10 degrees of more uppercut. Could just have been the nature of the pitches, as Chavez did throw a cement mixer on the HR.
  12. And now FG's Cameron comes over the top of Passan and questions if the strictly granular based BAM WAR that strips actual results from the calculation is what the consumer wants. (And possible adjustments to counter that.)
  13. He liked his slider command. Also says he liked his high fastball in his most recent 3IP scoreless. Competing with Fiers for SP5, who is pitching today. Source: