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  1. Elbow irritation. Already. #%$&!
  2. Still crushing ST with SP5 on the line 3IP, 0R, 4K, 2 baserunners
  3. I went back and watched about a dozen swings from last year, admittedly all hits. Obviously the hands are lower and quieter, but it does appear to the naked eye this year's swing has 5-10 degrees of more uppercut. Could just have been the nature of the pitches, as Chavez did throw a cement mixer on the HR.
  4. And now FG's Cameron comes over the top of Passan and questions if the strictly granular based BAM WAR that strips actual results from the calculation is what the consumer wants. (And possible adjustments to counter that.)
  5. He liked his slider command. Also says he liked his high fastball in his most recent 3IP scoreless. Competing with Fiers for SP5, who is pitching today. Source:
  6. I wonder if they'll have this new BAM WAR ready for the start of the season on the MLB app so the user can see it accumulate in real time. And did they have "catch rate" available in real time last year (on the app)? I know they had basic things like exit velo/launch, flyball distance, etc. And Tom tango finally reveals himself at next week's SABR conference? The SABR mystery solved.
  7. He, with the help of hitting coach Dave Magadan, has made mechanical adjustments to improve his launch angle. Unfortunately Magadan does not like releasing those adjustments to the media. (Probably why I haven't got a similar article about Drury. Bummer.) Source:
  8. Brockpapersizer gave the tweet and i just wanted to stick the accompanying article in here too. Article summary Pitching from stretch - Watched Yu & Carrasco have success with it - repeatable mechanics - repeatable arm slot - better command - less stress on arm - he thinks his 'stuff' doesn't suffer in the stretch Less sliders - less stress on elbow - he has acceptable usage %s but won't divulge - will use on studs and not on scrubs and pitchers like he did in early part of last year
  9. Vehemently disagree. All you're trying to do with Gsellman in standard or near standard leagues is try to catch the du jour SP5 who rolls downhill ala Danny Duffy and Michael Fulmer (after Greene was hurt 2 starts in) last year. I don't view Zach Wheeler to have a guaranteed spot when "he's ready". I'll need direct Collins or Alderson quotes to be swayed otherwise. Direct quotes.
  10. Bedrosian - 59% owned Bailey - 1% owned I wonder if the sneaky speculators could swoop in with the actual closer (Bailey) ala Gomez on the Phillies last year.
  11. If any of you see the post-game interview or article which says why he's pitching exclusively from the stretch, please post it here. (I prefer Strasburg's words and not fan spaculation.)
  12. Releasing Brett Lawrie? Hmm, ok. Not really gonna ruin my weekend but seems rather sudden.
  13. Named 5th starter so the first 6 comments in this thread are swept under the rug. Now I have 2 opinions. One, I do not think Collins will play games with his young SPs 1-4 (particularly Thor) and make sure they pitch every 5 days. In other words, I don't think Gsellman is skipped even with off days like maybe Bochy would do for a horse like Bumgarner. It would seem a strict 5-man rotation is the likely call. So planning out Gsellman's April I see vs MIA, @MIA, vs PHI, vs ATL. Unless you're in a NL-only or 16-20 teamer and the depth of the league necessitates Gsellman is a mainstay on your roster, I'm looking for a favorable schedule early out of the last SP or two on my roster so I can get a good start and good vibes. To me, the Marlins twice and the Braves/Phillies at home is a great way for Gsellman to kick off his 2017 campaign and make SP5s great again.