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  1. looks like Maddon is going Francona: Schwarber at leadoff
  2. Looks like Neris wants to up that 3% slider usage to diversify his portfolio.
  3. Packed on 10 pounds, impressive BP in front of Collins, learning from Reyes, yada yada yada...
  4. Throw in a little changeup gif for no apparent reason
  5. little HR video with plenty of CF views (and some decent oppo power) if you like to dissect swings or you're the batting stance guy at weekend parties
  6. Also buried 3/4 way down this article about Nunez: "Bochy said he could use him at leadoff in some lineups and could also contribute out of the 2 spot..."
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^ Cont'd from 2 posts above
  8. I'm glad Sherman wrote this article. I didn't want to post it in the Yankee thread and have the fanboys flock to Cashman & Girardi's defense. But it'll be interesting to see Betances' workload this year. The Yanks beat him at arb ($3M vs $5M), he's blocked from saves again which he still needs at arb to win big money, and he's got to make it to 2019 to get his Jansen/Chappy or even Miller contract. And while some will cry Sherman is a hack, I do believe Betances is miffed that he and his slider are getting abused and not compensated. Bad blood? Good. I hope he tells Girardi to go shove it any time he asks for multiple IP or to go 3 days in a row (see the article for those details).
  9. No way I'm opening a thread for the lock #1 but ,in the Wil Myers mold, Trout "wants" to steal 40 if that means anything. *I kept seeing this thread bumped every 5 minutes so thought I should contribute.
  10. Dap to PPolanco on page 1 of 2016 thread for calling him "SP bust of the year" and comparing his first 2.5 years to Hellickson's voodoo with respect to beating his xFIP by ~.75-1+ compared to his actual ERA. (PPolanco acknowledged Gray is probably better.) His ADP is misrepresented above in this thread as he's around 200 composite but ~160 on the popular Yahoo. In a standard Y! league, it looks like he is most team's last SP or second-to-last and I'd probably rather gamble on even a consensus* tier or two lower on D.Norris or Musgrove even if they don't make the rotation out of ST ala Fulmer last year. (*Popular writer Eno Sarris has Gray & Norris in the same tier, per 2/17 rankings.) This A's team, unlike 2014-5, is projected for under 70 wins even if Jonah Keri disagrees. You're getting a sub-par Win category probability and a sub-par K-rate which hurts in the common Roto innings cap leagues. He could go back to that level of performance he already flashed. And while Gray is the better pitcher I think, like Hellickson's 2011-12, Gray's 2014-5 fades into bolivian as Mike Tyson would say.
  11. Jenks, See if Coop can dial him back a notch or two before giving up on him.
  12. I agree with both above. Austin's injury probably helps Bird more. Cashman said all winter that the battle for 1B was between Bird & Austin and Bird had a 20m head start. Now Bird can breathe easier. Cashman also said he was "brutally honest" with Carter about his backup role. But injuries happen. However, I think Holliday's injury risk is severely mitigated by only being a DH.
  13. Sabean: He'll be with the Giants before you blink your eye. He's the furthest thing from the 89th highest prospect. He's much higher than that.
  14. I'm secretly happy Montero came into camp saying Maddon & he haven't talked & he's not going to attempt to fill Ross's leadership role. With Maddon naming Contreras as Lester's catcher and this cold relationship, I hope to get as many PAs out of Willson as possible. Just need the very particular Arrieta to welcome Contreras' pitch framing ability and just maybe Montero is the least used backup C in the NL. (# of PAs is always issue numero uno with me.)