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  1. I agree. And so does the KingsFans forum. 9-cat owners want those turnovers down from 2.7 back in the 1s, and Bogie should be the 2nd ballhandler the team needs. He is a ticking time bomb with the ball when he has to dribble too often.
  2. 1) I concede what I thought might be “secretive plantar fasciitis” might instead be “secretive turf toe”. 2) Luckily he was a relatively easy 9-cat replacement this year (value-wise) with PF- Bjelica. 3) I don’t buy this is “tanking” in a year where the lottery odds are smushed together. They’ll suck with or without him. 4) I will never understand real life people who think “If he just comes back and puts up a couple of solid lines, the Cavs can trade him.” Do people actually think today’s GMs, with Synergy videos and Ivy League assistants, are just going to fall for some inflated garbage stat lines on a terrible team? Is Isaiah Thomas still a GM or something?
  3. Out again? It has to be “secretive” plantar fasciitis. I’m not buying it as tank mode, he arguably makes them worse at this time with his inefficiency & lack of defense. I saw the “perfect” trade for him at this time in one of my leagues. Otto Porter for Kevin Love. ?
  4. That’s why I love Shanahan pressers the best. He grades RBs based on getting “more than is blocked”, not stat line scouting. In the analytic community, all @friscojosh cares about from a RB is missed tackles, the most consistent underlying RB stat (not YPC).
  5. More media narrative Booger Mcfarland, 14:30 mark of Ryen Russillo espn podcast: “For whatever reason, GRUDEN was playing keep away from Talib & Peters” No, that was obviously Carr’s doing. Gruden had nothing to do with it. Gruden will draft his QB in the next year or two.
  6. Every time Gruden goes to watch the All-22 of a preseason or regular season game, he sh*t cans another of McKenzie’s picks ? (2016 3rd)
  7. I just wanna quickly say that “watching the Raiders play” and “watching the all-22” is WAY different in my book. As Ted Nguyen points out, he beat Talib consistently but when you play a dependent position like WR, it requires your QB to find you or at minimum look your way.
  8. To break the monotony of back and forth over the Steelers contract offer from the summer, here is a classic argument from the anti-Leveon side from disgruntled best-ball owners who drafted months ago. This arrogant blowhard wants Joe Public to come up with the EV for Le’veon despite Joe Public not having access to: 1) Others team executives to get a ballpark on what offers to expect 2) How does Le’veon’s body feel? Does he NEED a lighter workload? 3) A complete injury expectation on 27yo’s with this much wear & tear, with this much expected usage rate, in the Pittsburgh winter climate, etc. 4) Does Le’veon even like working for Tomlin? Etc, etc, etc.... No wonder this clown sounds so terrible on podcasts.
  9. Also, I would guess that his new team next year, whoever it is, will not pound his a$$ with 400 touches. He’ll most likely get a nice 50+ touch drop in pounding on his body. In fact, he’s probably on a beach in Fiji right now dreaming of a normal workload next year.
  10. In the last half of this Baldinger breakdown on Jason Peters, Brian shows how big the holes are for the Clement & Ajayi’s long runs. It also highlights the difference in the two imo: Clement is tackled one-on-one by the backup S Kazee, while he bounces off Ajayi like a pinball. Doug Pederson: What RB gains more than is blocked? That’s my horse. (madeup quote by me)
  11. I’m not going to quote a post on the previous page, which devolves into a 10-post clutter, but I think Sproles was definitely “effective”. He avoided a tackle by Beasley on a 3rd & 9 late in the game, a play that has it’s own thread on some Atlanta Falcons messageboards. You can’t really judge until the All-22 cut-ups come mid-week, but one Clement run I remember he ran up the backside of 2 OLs, missing a running lane, and then got pissed at himself and started pushing the Falcons CB after he got up from the tackle. ? He knew he missed a big chance there.
  12. I agree. Pederson’s exact quote is in this thread: “...we’ll see more of him.” How RW blurb writers jumped to “full load” is beyond me. Once again, RW blurbs are good at info aggregation, lacking in interpretation.
  13. Personally, when I see Evan Silva & Kevin Cole throw their 2 cents on this topic, it holds no water to me. Pure downvote from me. An agent has likely done injury %s through season simulations, gone over each team’s needs and cap space for 2019. And the agent knows that NFL GMs don’t view RBs like the staristical community does. I’m very confident Bell’s agent laid out a very thorough portfolio of his options and potential earnings in each scenario. Tweets like this mean nothing to me. Less than nothing.