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  1. So much this. Having watched every snap for both of these guys...Only reason Penny was picked (and probably a big reach) was as insurance. Carson was out for the year and RB was a carousel ever since Lynch. Carson came back stronger. Penny will get few touches until Carson can't go. That said, I'm holding Penny in 1 league because Carson's violence does not lend well for finishing all 16 games.
  2. Yeah, my defense scored 6 and I'm 28 points behind right now.
  3. Anybody talkin' about bench points? Lost by 40 in one league last week. Fun part was finishing with over a hundy on my bench. Yeah... bench depth...does not exactly produce warm fuzzy feelings when you lose. Made a few start changes for this week; watch it happen again!
  4. Wouldn't he have finished QB4- or something like that- in his 9 starts last year? And that included a couple pick-fest meltdowns IIRC. Maybe there's still hope, if you have the patience to ride this out(?).
  5. When Eckler went nuts I knew it was over for me. Jameis...should have known better. Seems like a weird point distribution this week. Silver lining is waiting for over-reaction drops and pickup a good player or two in the wake.
  6. I thought the rep in first clip wasn't enough to tell anything. Looked ok in the 2nd clip. Unfortunately that doesn't really help either.
  7. Running away from multiple defenders is a sure sign...
  8. Carson was the fifth leading rusher in the league last year. He runs as hard as Lynch and the Seahawks love him. He's not going to get less touches unless he has another major injury, imo.