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  1. Absolutely. Julio always goes off when he's hurt and owners are concerned. 11/171/2
  2. He will score this week guaranteed. 25+ points incoming
  3. To be fair Mack was 60% of snaps Hines 30 and Wilkins 10. I could see it becoming Wilkins 50, Hines 30, Williams 20.
  4. I'm fine with that. I hope he gets trusted going forward since I have him.
  5. Was he? Shady got a carry before then too. And Shady was trusted to get the ball inside the 5, ot Damien.
  6. Ok fine. But no, the game was a 10 point game until 10 minutes left into the 4th. Even up 17, I'm not sure a team will play no defense
  7. Yes but it's the Dolphins. Do you expect them not to be down?
  8. We tried to tell them. Damien got a fumble that lost them the game and it is only fair he will be in the doghouse or it will look like Reid is picking favorites. Here we go back on the carousel
  9. Week 1: 6.0 Vance Week 2: 22.8 Vance Week 3: 2.0 Vance Week 4: 2.5 Olsen Week 5: 7.1 Graham Week 6: 9.2 Olsen Week 7: 6.2 Hockenson Week 8: 5.0 Graham Week 9: 7.0 Olsen Week 10: 3.8 Gesicki Week 11: 3.0 Everett Update on my PPR TEs production. It doesn't make sense how I am so bad at streaming them. Total of 74.6. 6.8 PPG or TE32 on the season. The same as playing Irv Smith all year. Literally the week I drop Olsen he blows up
  10. Ok wanted to see RB touches to inside the 10. (3:06 - 1st) A.Kamara left tackle to TB 4 for 3 yards (J.Pierre-Paul). (2:21 - 1st) A.Kamara left end for 4 yards, TOUCHDOWN NULLIFIED by Penalty. PENALTY on NO-J.Cook, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at TB 4 - No Play. (1:34 - 1st) (Shotgun) D.Brees pass short middle to L.Murray to TB 8 for 3 yards (D.White) (7:13 - 2nd) (Shotgun) A.Kamara right guard to TB 8 for 7 yards (M.Edwards). (6:34 - 2nd) L.Murray up the middle to TB 6 for 2 yards (W.Gholston). (5:57 - 2nd) D.Brees pass short right to A.Kamara pushed ob at TB 3 for 3 yards (D.White). (7:37 - 3rd) A.Kamara left end pushed ob at TB 3 for 14 yards (J.Whitehead). PENALTY on NO-J.Cook, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at TB 5. (6:57 - 3rd) A.Kamara up the middle to TB 9 for 1 yard (N.Suh). (6:15 - 3rd) D.Brees pass short middle to A.Kamara to TB 6 for 3 yards (D.White). 8-2 in favor of Kamara, so we can't really complain about the usage near the end zone. TDs will come. Also screw Jared Cook
  11. I'll take 22 points vs the #1 run defense. Who was the primary back in the red zone? From looking at Brees highlights, it looks like Kamara
  12. I love playing this guy. He just got 20 vs the hardest matchup left on his schedule. All hail Parker!