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  1. I will. Enough time has passed for his health to concern me. With or without Jalen, Jax should destroy Cinc leaving plenty of time for them to work AJG in late.
  2. This is EXACTLY what i did haha Then 30min later found out about Herndon tweaking his hammy. I've got the #1 claim so i can get Brown back if i want but I'm undecided.
  3. His NFL profile loves his athleticism but questioned his hands. He made a great TD catch Sunday and dude can obviously fly. I grabbed him. If he throws up a bagel tomorrow night I'll drop him Friday morning for someone like Albert Wilson.
  4. Agree 100%. Has any information come out about Juszczyk?
  5. I remember watching this kid last year at Kentucky and he screamed "NFL running back." It might not be this year but I think he becomes relevant sometime over the next 2 years. Dude is a stud.
  6. I don't think Breida's role will change at all and Coleman picks up the Mostert/Wilson duties. Anyone thinking of trying to move Breida? Having a hard time putting value on him andI need help at my WR2 slot. (curtis samuel right now, waiting on AJG if/when he ever returns.)
  7. Our platform doesn't give us win % but I like my chances. I have a feeling it'll linger until late in the game with Shanahan trying to get Coleman back in the swing of things.
  8. I need 5.2 in HPPR from Breida tonight to take down the only one still undefeated in my league.
  9. Just look at their schedule going forward. He's going to finish the season on an absolute tear IMO
  10. That's what I'm doing. I have a tough matchup this week and I'm between Hardman or Breida in flex. My opponent will be done by the end of the 4pm games so if I need a ceiling play, I'm plugging in Hardman. If I need a floor, Breida. He's a risky play but if you're outmatched, there aren't a lot of better options to swing for the fences.
  11. FWIW I just finished up a trade for Kamara, I had the option to give up Ingram or Fournette in the package deal and gave up Ingram. Lenny won't put up 200 every week, but I think Sunday is more along the lines of what he'll do than the previous 3 weeks were.
  12. As a non-gurley owner, this would be the only situation I see myself dropping Brown.
  13. Forgot about him this morning! Just dropped herndon to cuff my Lenny. Thanks
  14. I've got Kelce but Herndon was sitting there this morning. He was too good last year not to grab. They're schedule going forward is insanely soft.
  15. Don't play around and speak this nonsense into existence