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  1. So he can turn into Fat Lacy 2.0 lol I can see it.
  2. Right, but that doesn't mean he's going to score a TD every time that he has a meager 50 yard game lol That's the randomness part. You don't know when he's coming and there are a pretty wide range of outcomes for a total season. He could get 2 TDs next week and he's still on pace for 16 TD's lol
  3. When are you guys going to learn that TDs are random? Just because he happened to score TDs in his low yardage games last year, doesn't mean that TD luck will be on your side again.
  4. Seems like you might be selling low on him tbh. MVS was heavily involved in their game plan against one of the best defenses in the league. With his game tonight, you wouldn't get much back for him. He'll look nice in a throw in if you are doing a two for one or something like that, but I think his value will get better before it gets worse. . The guy didn't put up huge numbers, so it's not like he's gonna be great trade bait at this point. Doubt anybody is giving up much for receivers this early too. Might could hit up the Antonio Brown owner though lmao
  5. I didn't even know that dude was still in the NFL
  6. Did Geronimo even get one target? Lol I can't even remember.
  7. Maybe. Then again, it's the rookie's first game. I'd be patient if I owned him. He looks better than Howard to me but who knows
  8. Looks like a good buy low if they use him like this for a few weeks. Looks like their best RB by a mile
  9. Couldn't be happier with him on my bench right now. Packers seem to want to get scantling involved a lot
  10. It's not like owners "honor" these deals when players get injured. The problem with NFL contracts is the crappy players union compared to every other major sport.
  11. Depends on your league. If you have any keepers in your league, he's a hold imo. Who knows if Williams lasts without getting hurt, if he'll even be there next year, or if shady is still good. Shady old, prone to injury, and will be declining even if he's healthy
  12. I don't disagree about the OLine. Thing is, their OLine is incredible AND they have an incredible running back. That only adds to it. Winning a Superbowl is definitely a team effort but Zeke is their best offensive weapon with the ball in his hands. I find it hard to believe that Dallas can win a super bowl with Pollard, Dak and Cooper being their main weapons. Zeke is in a situation where he knows this too. He's going to hold Jones up for every penny he can and I don't blame him. Also have to add in the the fact that Jones is probably desperate to win another one and I really think he'll shell out for Zeke. I think the Chargers are fine with letting Gordon ride it out and see what happens with eckler and Jackson tbh
  13. You mean the team that almost won the super bowl Last year lol?
  14. Zeke is just much more likely to sign that Gordon is. Gordon is replaceable. Eckler and Jackson are solid, if unspectacular at RB for the Chargers. By no means is Gordon a bad player, but he's far from being what Zeke is. Zeke is their entire offense. He's the engine in Dallas. Gordon is just a cog on the Chargers. Rivers is their guy, Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Eckler...they are a solid team without Gordon and wouldn't see a huge drop off. So why would they pay him? They have all the leverage. Dallas doesn't have nearly as much leverage over Zeke because they rely so heavily on him vs Dak.
  15. Lol Thompson ran a comparable 40 time to what Williams ran 5 years ago. Pretty safe to say that any any NFL player is going to be slower than their combine stats 5 years into a career. Not a chance that Thompson gets caught from behind if Williams doesn't. That being said, Thompson is $1 player who is an injury away from being a league winner. The insecurity of Williams owners is hilarious. You paid a ton of $$$$ or drafted him high In snake for a reason haha.