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  1. That's a tough one, but I think I would roll with Kupp
  2. My other 2 rbs I'm playing are Carson and Gurley and 2 wr's are Golladay and Kupp
  3. Yeah I'm in the same boat as far as thinking of sitting him out. Hard choice
  4. Thoughts on Leonard Fournette or Marquis Brown in the Flex spot? Thanks
  5. I sat Brown last week and he made me pay the price.
  6. I would take the trade easily. Besides Barkely, the other two are not proven yet IMO
  7. How does everyone feel about playing him tonight? He seems like about 10-12 pts a game type player. I took him out but might consider sliding him back in flex over mar brown.
  8. It would maybe downgrade this game only, but who know if Ramsey would even play this week.
  9. Hello, I would greatly appreciate any help in selecting 2 of the 3 for week 3. C Carson @NO L Fournette @ TEN Marquise Brown @ CLE Thanks for any help!
  10. Actually thinking of picking him up to replace Cook who has been bad the first two games. With Olsen, unfortunately it always feels like he's walking on egg shells with injuries lol.
  11. I ended up sitting him because of Stafford being inconsistent. It came back to bite me.
  12. He definitely got targeted more with Bridgewager than Brees, however he missed a couple balls he should have caught. I'm not sure if he's worth dropping yet but might be worth picking up a backup TE if there are around.
  13. I picked him up on waviers, butI think I'm gonna wait 1 more week and see.