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  1. This is a keeper league, so Waller would be a 14th round keeper for anyone I trade him too. I have Mahomes as a keeper so that isn't really an issue with me, but makes Waller's value higher. My other TE is Engram, but in this league I am able to start both Engram and then Waller in the flex if I wanted, so I'm not just trading a backup TE, I'm trading a potential flex starter who is seeing a million targets a game. My RBs are Cook, James White, Devin Singletary, and Tony Pollard. I think Freeman is trending up, but he doesn't look as good as he used to be before the injury. Also, with the keeper situation, I may be able to get someone better for Waller. With all those targets I think I'd rather him in my flex spot currently. Am I crazy? Should I wait it out with Waller and start him until a better offer comes? Should I make the trade for Devonta Freeman? I could also demand Josh Jacobs instead of Freeman. The guy who offered the trade does not have a good team, and is looking for a Keeper for next year already.
  2. Yeah it does seem like Mahomes is the choice here
  3. Mahomes- Round 12 Kittle- Round 13 This is a 12 team keeper league. I’ve never been so torn in my life. Typically, I am a guy that waits on both TE and QB in every draft. But, I am more keen on paying for a QB than a TE. Both these guys had historic seasons last year. It wouldn’t be wise to expect repeat performances, but it’s safe to say both will obviously be great. But is there a safer pick? I feel like with Mahomes, barring injury, he might be at worst a top 4 QB. Guaranteed elite, with all the weapons. I like having an Elite QB that you can count on for a BUNCH of TDs, whether he’s number 1 or not. With Kittle, for one, I’m kind of wary of how Jimmy G has looked. Kittle is a freak and had bad QBs last year, so it probably doesn’t matter, but still. You gotta figure his YAC will regress, but his TDs could(should) go up. But maybe teams will specifically gameplan to stop him this year, I feel like they didn’t last season. I just can’t shake the feeling that there’s a better chance he becomes just a normal TE than there is Mahomes becomes just a normal QB. I’m leaning towards Mahomes. Which seems crazy since there are a million good QBs, and only 3 sure fire TEs. Value says go Kittle, there just aren’t many elite TEs. But those 40 point Mahomes weeks seem more sure-fire than anything Kittle can do. So, who would you keep? Am I crazy?
  4. Solid team overall, I like what you did at QB and TE.
  5. Don’t think Theilen will be as good as he was last year, I think I’d hang pat
  6. I like Miles Sanders a lot so that swings the deal to that side for me
  7. Fantasy Football calculator is very good
  8. Don’t like the strategy, and the seasons they had last year were historic. They’ll both be great TEs but hard to expect them to be that great again