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  1. J Altuve to third on wild pitch by J Verlander, J Altuve scored on throwing error by catcher A Avila.

    yet Verlander is charged with an earned run, why? He struck out the next batter to end the inning. That makes zero sense.

    Singleton grounded out next. then there was a strikeout.

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  2. Common guys....can't even be bothered to read a boxscore? Morneau went 2-3 with a BB. That must have been one hell of a Pinch hit appearance.

    Justin Morneau returned to action on Friday with a pinch-hit RBI double off Jonathan Broxton to tie the game in the ninth inning.

    Unfortunately for he and the Rockies, the Reds would retake the lead and the game the following frame. Morneau was scratched from Thursday's lineup and sat out Friday with a stiff neck, but he's expected back in the lineup on Saturday.

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  3. Has anyone taken a look at his WHIP on the season? It's downright elite. A 1.07 WHIP helps 99% of fantasy baseball players.

    .259 BABIP is not likely to be sustainable (O.Co helps), but 59% strand rate is rock bottom low for a solid pitcher who has kept the ball in the park (4% HR/FB is unsustainable as well). that's why the ERA is bad but the WHIP is good. I'd expect them to go in opposite directions.

    I think holding him really means expecting the Ks to materialize. otherwise he's just sort of a meh, start at O.Co type of pitcher. prototypical mediOAKer as Grey @Razzball would say.

    Just for the Razzball reference you get a +1.

    Grey is just another blowhard but at least he's entertaining.

  4. I'm tossing him back in the FA pool. His upcoming schedule is @ TEX, @SEA, v STL so I won't be using him in two of the next three. There are some pretty solid streams available this week, so I'm going to take advantage and hopefully Straily will still be around for the @ SEA start if not, thanks for your contributions kid.

  5. He's a pretty strong start today, no? CWS have been brutal lately.

    Brutal is putting it mildly. They are now the 2nd worst offence in baseball on the season and over the past 2 weeks they have a wRC+ of 44. That's a weighted metric so average is 100, its extremely rare for a team to be much below 60 or higher than 130, so that gives you an idea of just how bad they have been.

  6. Just take him out so I never have to see this guy pitch again. Good lord does he serve up meatballs.

    ^I doubt they will change that one though. It was one of those "could go either way" calls. But it just feels like they always screw you on them lol. Scorers these days only give out errors if you throw the ball into the stands or something. The most recent for me was Latos last start on the pop up by Soriano ruled a single cost him 3 earned. Thought for sure they would change that and they never did... Anyway I digress.

    This guy isn't good and is a threat to give up multiple home runs in every start he has. He serves up 90 mph heat middle up in the zone over and over again, this is the first time I actually watched him this year. I will not be using him again in a mixed league.

    You just forgot to check Seattle's weather forecast.


  7. His HR rate was not a fluke last year. He is going to serve up taters. He does not have above average stuff. He is like a Scott Baker clone. Solid back end MLB starter, and that is about it. Not sure how anyone watched this guy and saw a future Cy Young that is pretty bad analysis in my opinion.

    its about the K/9, cant really compare him to Scott Baker, cmon, he might have got lit, but 6 k's in 4 inn is good

    Baker had solid MLB k rates. He was 7+ every year. That is probably right around where Straily will end up settling in at. And Baker had very low walk rates like Straily will probably have. Both had virtually the same exact stuff.

    Baker had better stuff, if Straily can end up as good as Baker minus the injuries his owners should consider themselves lucky.

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  8. Pure ignorance in this post. What a waste of 5

    Mins ill never get back. Was hoping to see he got called up and had to sift thru complete garbage to find out absolutely nothing.

    If you only use these threads to spot if a player gets called up or sent down wouldn't Twitter better suit your needs? No one is forcing you to read through opinions. You can find other places to get what you're looking for instead of insulting guys trying to provide info.

    I don't tweet

    i got no problems with opinions of value, projections, etc...

    THats why i am here.

    But personal attacks and arguing over if a guy in the minors is an ace or not is a joke

    I quite liked the exchange.

    I'm on the camp that doesn't see one iota of 'Ace' potential in Dan Straily. Can he be fantasy relevant pitching in the O.Co? Sure. Ace, sorry just don't see it.

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  9. Isn't Colon coming off suspension?

    Either way. This is a great spot start. He was a huge K guy in the minors. Houston is 8 K's waiting to happen every night.

    Straily has sucked pretty bad, but he should at least be able to put up a QS tonight

    Yes he's off a suspension for PEDs you're right. But that's still bad as where will he stand without his PEDs?

    Jarrod Parker is the best pitcher in Oakland right now. But I say Straily has more upside because he has way more strikeout potential. Trust me I love Jarrod Parker I actually work with the scout who helped Arizona originally draft and sign him. Chances are Parker is the better player and will have a better career. But I bet you that Straily's best 2 years are better than Parker's best two years by the end of their careers.

    Brett Anderson, he has very little strikeout potential and you can't even count on 30 starts out of him in a season. Since 2010 innings pitched for Anderson 112.33, 83.33, and 35 innings.

    I have to side with FearTheBeard and CMilne on this one, I think Straily has limited upside and caps out at a #3 at best.

    This is for you: