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  1. Isabella now first team??!? Moves ahead of Cooper and Johnson, who played 27% and 51% of snaps last week to Isabella's 39%. Some potential here in deeper leagues! (14+)
  2. I love it when a plan comes together. RoJo will ball out ROS
  3. Im not worried about the fumble... yet
  5. If Mike Davis is cut from the Bears, could he be a pickup for the Lions or Dolphins?
  6. Worth a look with Preston Williams and Mark Walton out. The kid's an athletic freak.
  7. Could be some serious upside here for Ronald Jones as the lead back. Bucs schedule is not the best for runners but its important to remember that Bucs oline has been quietly impressive this season ranking 8th in PFF's latest O-line rankings as of week 8.
  8. Encouraging outing no doubt, the kid is good. Would like to see one more week of 20+ touches before declaring Jones a low end RB2. From watching the game it felt like Jones got 60+% of snaps. We will see the snap counts later today.
  9. "He’s gotten much better at blitz pick-up,” Arians said. “We’ve talked about it – he’s improved each week, which should get him more snaps. But as far as two-minute, Dare [Ogunbowale] is one of the best ones that we have as far as knowing who to block and how to block them. But I think Ronald’s going to have a hell of a future.” Reading in between the lines here, maybe Arians is hinting that Dare will be regulated to 2 minute drills only while Ronald Jones takes the rest of the third down work? Dare has lead the backfield in snaps the last three weeks which is surprising (they lost all three games). Hopefully Arians is smart enough to spot the problem for those three games. PFF also ranks Dare the worst of the three overall, with Ronald Jones as the best. As for pass blocking, Barber receives the highest score at 68 with Dare at 38 and Jones at 29. Dare and Barber also have terrible efficiency numbers in the passing game, with Dare yards per target at 5.5 and 2.8 for Barber. Ronald Jones is averaging 12 yards per target. Hopefully Arians is ready to let the young bull run