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  1. I believe a member posting on this forum has the right to post what he, or she thinks constitutes a sleeper. Forget Dynasty. If Monk is a late round flier, Simons absolutely is as well. Monk's chances are slim at best to break into the young core of Bridges/Rozier & Bacon, sure the Hornets roster sucks compared with Blazers but he'd have to do a complete 180 from what we've seen in his awful previous season's.
  2. Clarke would have to seriously show out in limited minutes to steal some of the starters minutes, I honestly think JV would suffer most because JJJ is the face of the franchise.
  3. None taken. Peril doesn't exist with a late round flier. Who said breaking out? Nobody.
  4. You don't buy hence his sleeper status. Are they point guards? Name for me every PG on the Blazers squad. CJ may run the 1 from time-to-time, but Simons is solidified as Dame's back-up point guard which will easily garner him 18-20mins. The entire franchise is totally enamored with him, straight up refused to trade him.
  5. In the G league? No Seth Curry & Evan Turner. Plenty of minutes available. They'll favor giving Simons run over Trent every single time, he'll get 18-20 mins off the bench easily facing 2nd unit opposition which he will dominate like he did summer league. That's not even considering the fact that Dame, or CJ could get injured.
  6. Shhh! luckily the hype on this guy hasn't effected his sleeper status too much. Drafting everywhere
  7. This kind of stuff is more worrying than anything else, he should take his time.
  8. At the time, Garnett was the youngest NBA player in history at 19 years and 11 months. Jaren was drafted at 18, turned 19 a month before starting his rookie season.
  9. Rotoworld is saying the Nuggets are load managing him this season.
  10. Easier to do leading the 2nd unit off the bench. Plating along side Myles he's gonna take away a lot of those boards, but he's still a very solid sleeper target.
  11. I was waiting for this. 25 pounds shed before training camp confirmed. Horford shouldn't detract from his value too much at all, he's 34 years old. If anything he should relieve Embiid just enough. He's the face of the franchise, the face of trash talking. With absolutely zero mention of load management, I think in a dream fantasy scenario is on the cards, Embiid at 25 years old with a very healthy ego may just be prepping himself for an MVP run. For the first 2-3 months of last season he in was in the MVP race/discussion. I can understand taking him at the turn of the first round, but we could very easily see a top 3-5 return from this unique talent. The million dollar asterisk of course is barring injury, but with that weight loss i'm more than willing to gamble.
  12. This is a no brainer, right? But the above has me so hype about JJJ, and Embiid is injury prone.
  13. Doubt it Jaren came into the league at 18 years old. Joe smith the name alone didn't stand a chance.