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  1. If I didnt need a QB this week he'd be my #1 claim
  2. Will be healthy all season. Dude is built like Gore
  3. I'm starting in my flex spot. Need the upside playing against mahomes
  4. My cat told me this morning Sanders was gonna go off
  5. Assuming you can make it to the playoffs without Saquon....
  6. I think hes back next week. He wants some of New England
  7. Get chris Herndon if he's available off waivers
  8. Got Vernon and Richardson going now. Fingers crossed
  9. I'd go Marvin Jones Buffalo is a bad matchup. Thanks for mine
  10. Thinking about starting Shepherd over Mike Evans in my 1pt PPR. My other option is to bench Waller (my flex) for shepherd. Ertz is my TE
  11. Lol. Either Singletary or Ty Johnson as my #2. Unfortunately I had a huge week 3 so I couldn't claim gallman off waivers
  12. Hope he plays I'm depleted at RB with Barkley out