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  1. Update: Finally got it to work - apparently, the Draft Master software has issues with "strong" passwords. Changed my RotoWorld password to something from the early 2000's and it worked.... I guess using symbols and more than 12 characters works fine for the website, but not for Draft Master. That makes it an even bigger POS, imo.
  2. Has anyone gotten this POS to work? First it was looking for javaw.exe, because it wasn't smart enough to see if java was installed during the installation. After fixing that, now it refuses to register, saying "invalid credentials" when I put in my RotoWorld email/password. I'm typing it exactly as it appears in my password manager.... and doing the same thing allows me to log into RotoWorld. I don't usually use products like this because they seem to deliver sub-standard teams, but wanted to try since our commissioner changed the settings at the "last minute" this year. Damn sure not going to waste the money on a RotoWorld package again, that's for sure!