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  1. Go with Tennessee or Jax. We have a section of defense and special teams questions.
  2. You'd be trading him low so at this point I wouldn't.
  3. Who would you go with Titans vs Chargers Green Bay vs Oak Minnesota @Det New Orleans @Chicago
  4. I'd say Lindsay. Despite it being a committee, both Lindsay and Freeman get good volume because of receptions. Both tough matchups though.
  5. Probably. It really comes down to if you prefer Gurley or Mixon. I'd prefer Gurley.
  6. What type of league? PPR I'd lean Bell. I think when Hunt comes back, Chubb may lose volume primarily in the passing game. Standard, still probably slightly lean towards Bell.
  7. I wouldn't trade away Cook, but if you're gonna do it, you can get better than that.
  8. I'd keep it save with Baker. Seattle's defense isn't that good.
  9. I'm not big on either. Go with Rogers or stream someone else.
  10. I'd wait out on Adams. Not liking what I'm seeing out of OBJ.
  11. I'd stream Mineshew tbh. Adams is likely out, so Rodgers is missing reliable options.
  12. So you'd do two deals and essentially Receive: Gordon, Brees, Julio, and D Will Lose: JuJu, Evans, Conner, and Dak It's tough I like the 2nd offer better.