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  1. It makes me think they're doing this to help Jameis move the ball without having to take as many risky shots with how much he throws interceptions. Let's keep an eye on this and hope it continues! Great content, thanks for adding.
  2. Ugh. So much for any confidence of a start AT the Rams next week. I still think Monty is a fine RB2 for the rest of the season (mid in std, low in ppr) but the volatility isn't going away. What do you all think for his outlook next game?
  3. Honestly, Hoyer threw some good balls yesterday, but not many to Pascal. I watched a lot of the game. Pascal did not separate well and when he did the timing was off. I think the only way this guy pays off is if Hilton isn't back by the Houston game...but let's face it, Hilton loves balling out on Houston so he'll probably be back. I can't see starting Pascal vs. Jax regardless of the situation. He's not good enough to bet on vs. AJ Bouye.
  4. Let's hope it's just a week, y'all. Atlanta gets Tampa in 2 weeks... I don't think anyone is playable behind him except Russell Gage gets a bump.
  5. RIP My man. Go Sparty. Same short time period where Cassius Winston (MSU BBall) lost his brother. Sad.
  6. Thanks for sharing this. Really helps show a) It's fair to be nervous about him and b) All of the upside and goodness is still there. Seems there's no clear view ahead but he is still in the upside RB2/3 category which is fine for me.
  7. Roby-Coleman. He’s also good. Juju is a sit unless you don’t have a better option
  8. My money is on Boyd but should be fun to see.
  9. I hope so. A lot of the times even when I sit a player for a bad matchup or tough circumstances I want to see how they do as a confidence meter moving forward. Hopefully he gets some good production for your game. It’s just hard not to be scared after last week, but the rams have given up some WR production so it’s possible he has a good game. Plus, he’s juju, he got game.
  10. I’m excited to play him. I think his floor is 200 and 2 TDs and some rushing on top of it. I just hope that they take some shots down field. I’m confident he will do well and I’ll be really bummed if he doesn’t because it’s Tampa and they should be chasing or at least forced to score points.
  11. Yeah, that's a pretty weak line-up man, but you have a bye-pocalypse... what can you do? Hopefully you have some guys hit big and you can win, but I wouldn't expect to. Good luck!