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  1. I now own Ertz, Waller and Henry and can’t find a trade partner for any of them, but hey keep rolling out guys like Vance and Fant instead.....
  2. Have Woods as my only guy playing to try and maintain my lead which is known blown, and not getting a point in 2hrs
  3. Why are they paying Leveon to not even be out there to kill time
  4. Was up 50 going into the afternoon games and Woods TD. I’m now tied because Goff sucks a** and can’t throw the ball to anyone.
  5. Had high hopes for a huge Woods game after the first drive.
  6. I almost sat him for Robert Woods last night. Woods gonna get a 0
  7. Can’t wait to see Samuel cost me a win by being on my bench.
  8. Great now I gotta wait for AP to see how badly I screwed myself lol. I was projected to lose big anyways so chances are it won’t matter.
  9. Ugh still don’t know. Might just let my nuts hang with AP
  10. Who would you start in your flex tomorrow for a 12 team PPR? Currently have AP in
  11. Just got this bum off waivers and might roll him this week as my other options are meh. Lets get a big game in!
  12. In a 12 team PPR league which one of these 3 would you start in your flex this week? Trying to get AP off waivers (doubtful as I have 11th) and if not I'll have to decide between 1 of these 3. Got Curtis Samuel in for now or would Harmon be a better option with Watkins out?
  13. So I’m gonna end up with Ertz (drafted), Waller (from waivers) and Henry also from waivers and no one wanting to make a reasonable trade for a TE in my league lol
  14. 2 keepers. I’d probably keep Thomas and Jacobs next year. Took over a team without a 2nd great keeper (except Kupp who I didn’t 😡)
  15. I’m 3-2 so far. I honestly don’t think I can win the league vs a couple other teams so I’m skeptical about giving up picks if it’s not gonna push me over the top. I would like to make the playoffs atleast.