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  1. It's kind of a toss-up for me between Fuller and Williams. I like Fuller a little more for the upside.
  2. I lean towards Murray. Even if Williams "starts" he is probably still in some sort of a timeshare, so I lean towards the better matchup
  3. I would play Hyde tonight, yes. For the other spot, I'm vascilating between Sony and Hunt. I think either should be fine. Yes, Sony has been bad lately, but Dallas has a better pass-D than a run-D, so I do think Sony has some TD-upside.
  4. "Starter" can mean a lot of things. It could be the lead back in a 80-20 split. It could be the lead back in a 52-48 split. It could just be the guy who gets the first offensive series, and then the ride the hot hand after that. Hyde's touches are a lot more guaranteed. I'd stick with Hyde.
  5. Honestly, I would not do that trade if I were you. Brown just had his best game of the year, but his schedule for the fantasy playoffs is brutal. Meanwhile, Sony has been bad, but the Patriots always try to run the ball more in December so they can keep Brady and their receivers fresh. So I think Sony is fine as a flex going forward, and has significant TD-upside, and you'll definitely want Keenan down the stretch.
  6. It's a toss-up, but between the two I'd go with Elliott. You should check your league, though, and see if Younghoe Koo (Atlanta) is available. He's on a roll, Atlanta's on a roll, and the Falcons game against the Bucs is setting up to be a big shootout - lots of opportunities this week.
  7. Truly a toss-up, but I'd probably roll with Guice. I don't see Jamaal getting a lot of touches, and even though Guice is also a backup, I see more potential scenarios where he could get more touches than I do for Jamaal.
  8. If Hilton plays, I think he's the best bet to get to 100 yards. Game on THU should be a shoot-out. If Hilton sits, I would probably grit my teeth and start Kupp. The Ravens D makes me super nervous, but Kupp is Goff's safety valve, and especially with the possibility of Woods being out and who knows if Cooks is going to be 100%, so Kupp is as good of a bet as any of them to get to 10 receptions.
  9. There's nobody on that list that I would rather stash than RoJo. White and Murray are close, but if I were you I'd probably sit tight for now and see how the games go this weekend.
  10. My gut says no. You aren't terribly deep with reliable WRs, and Diggs should provide a fairly safe floor most weeks, with significant upside. Gurley is probably going to be fine, but the Rams' offense makes me nervous, and with as many FLEX spots as you have I'd rather have a more reliable WR than a questionable RB.
  11. Golladay. Not close. Don't overthink it.
  12. Of the options you mentioned, I would prefer to stick with Michel. I know he hasn't been good of late, but he has more TD-upside than any of those, and especially weeks 15-16 he should be solid.
  13. Standard scoring, Superflex league Just got offered Sony + AJ Green for Smoky + either Mattison or DJ. As the Cook owner, I don't really want to give up Mattison. But the DJ idea I'm finding tempting. Thoughts? (Trade deadline is a scant 18 hours away...) WHIR My team: QB: Watson, Rivers, Darnold RB: David Johnson, Cook, Hyde, Mattison, Penny, Ajayi WR: Godwin, Jeffery, John Brown, Woods TE: Henry DST: Ravens K: Tucker
  14. I agree with bigvala. I like Godwin, but RBs are at a higher premium than WRs, so I think you are giving up too much, even for someone like Godwin.