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  1. Thanks for catching that. I knew he played the Rams but had Ramsey in my brain and said Jags.
  2. Never sit Zeke, unless he is dead. Depends on the other two how desperate you are for a win. If this is make or break sit Gurley and go with Lindsay. If you are not make or break go with Gurley. Help with mine.
  3. That was going to be my exact advice. Help with mine.
  4. The only way you don’t start MaHomes is if he is on bye or out due to injury. Help with mine.
  5. Waller help with mine
  6. PPR Hyde has a decent matchup against the Colts. Ridley has the Jags. WHIR
  7. Murray and MaHomes are both on bye week 12.
  8. Bell has more upside but on a terrible team. I will give Carson a slight edge based on his last two games. Help with mine.
  9. Lindsay Lockett. Pay attention to Cleveland’s CBs, they maybe back this week. Help with mine.
  10. So, Murray is my backup (MaHomes). Our league is PPR but of note for this trade is that QBs get a boost for rush yards. With that boost Murray is currently the 7th highest scoring QB in our league. My 2 starting RBs are C. Carson and M. Ingram. Would you take Chubb in PPR and give up Ingram and Murray given our QB scoring quirk? Also, same question if he counters for Carson over Ingram. WHIR.
  11. So, when he comes back in 2 weeks, is he a WR1 or WR2 or flex? I have been getting by with high end WR2s like Fitz and Watkins but was hoping my stashed Green will be a WR1 when Hill comes back and knocks down Watkins.
  12. Flip a coin at TE. Ertz and Waller are so close this week it doesn’t really matter. Gordon, Shep, and McL is who I would start at War/Flex based on who you listed. Help with mine
  13. The PHI secondary is beat up almost as bad as the Browns. Go with MVS. Help mine