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  1. Pretty sure everyone has gotten owned in pass pro tonight.
  2. I agree with you. I said the same in the Baker thread. As a Browns fan what sealed it for me was Kitchens calling double moves downfield while they were throwing from their own endzone against the Titans. The game plan against the Ravens was perfect.
  3. Defenses know he’s the first read so they’re taking everything away. I think that’s why we saw him line up in the backfield and even the quick screen at the line just to get him the ball. He’s a terror on a slant or a drag route but those don’t seem to be in Kitchens’ play sheet. As an owner I’m still hesitant to give him up. There’s too much talent here for them to not get it figured out. The only players an OBJ owner would probably move for likely aren’t available.
  4. As a Browns fan I’ve seen more than enough of Freddie to know he isn’t the answer. He got the job because of Baker. The franchise is deeply invested in not hurting his development. They should’ve thought of that when they dealt Zeitler for Olivier Vernon. They’re getting killed at the line and Freddie is still calling long developing pass plays. The game plan every week should be similar to last week when Chubb ran for 160 and Baker still had over 300 yards passing. For fantasy Baker is a matchup play at best right now with a chance to finish strong over the last half of the season.
  5. The attention Odell got today directly led to Ricky Seals-Jones being wide open for big plays. The linebacker and corner chased OBJ on the crossing route that got Seals in the endzone. The safety jumped Odell’s route in the second half and Baker hit seals over the top for a big gain. He’s playing the decoy right now which is tough for fantasy, but when Callaway and Higgins come back it’s going to be very tough for defenses to roll coverage to him.
  6. A couple things happening here. The line and play calling combo aren’t meshing very well. Teams are playing them differently than last year now that Odell is on the field. 2 out of 3 games against good defenses, and the Jets with Gregg Williams had a good game plan for what they like to do. The first half of the schedule is brutal but if you can get through that he has a really favorable schedule down the stretch. 2 games against the Bengals and Steelers who are bad against the pass plus games against the Dolphins and Cardinals. If you can play matchups until then I think he’ll be a really strong fantasy playoffs QB.
  7. As a Browns fan I will say this is less on Baker and more on Kitchens. He’s in love with the deep ball and the line simply can’t block that long. Even on their own 1 yard line he’s calling go routes and double moves. And to not give the ball to Chubb at the end at least twice with 3 timeouts left is hard to explain.
  8. In a post-Ray Rice NFL the league is just as likely to suspend someone because the optics are bad.
  9. Said it in the game thread last night. The Browns will be careful early in the season with his usage since they basically have two running backs healthy. When Hilliard comes back I think you’ll get a more accurate idea what the staff will do whenever Hunt comes off suspension. He’ll get the touches that Johnson and Hilliard are splitting for 7 more weeks. I think that means an uptick in carries for Chubb and 2-3 check downs per game.
  10. I still have hope for a little usage in the passing game for Sony. I think they played pretty vanilla against Miami knowing they wouldn’t need to put anything new on tape and still win. If they motion him out of the backfield just one time I have to imagine the defense will be so mind blown they give up a touchdown.
  11. Baker keeps looking for OBJ on the home run ball and ignoring underneath stuff. Gregg Williams is confusing him with his scheme as well. Not a good Landry night for sure.
  12. The Browns will be careful with Chubb early in the season. They’re only carrying a couple running backs and one is injured while they wait out the Hunt suspension. Still big potential in this offense.
  13. I like Montgomery. I don’t love the play calling or Trubisky. He’s firmly in the Flex/Low RB2 category for me depending on the matchup and his lack of work in the passing game so far.
  14. Still holding strong. 15 carries in this offense will not always produce so few yards. The Pats killed the Steelers with the play action when Sony was in the game. If he’s nowhere this weekend then I’ll be concerned.
  15. He had Mike Evans drop a TD in the first half and had another dropped TD in the second half. Winston is inconsistent for sure but to say he was awful tonight is not accurate.