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  1. High ankle type issue? What does that even mean?
  2. He's playing. I feel it in my loins.
  3. Traded away for Edelman don’t know how I pulled that off
  4. Seems like a painful hold. Don’t see anyone you can realistically get in return unless you just want to dump him.
  5. Would we be saying the same if Brees was playing? The answer is yes because CMC is f’in QB proof!
  6. Put a fork in it guys. We have a bust on our plate.
  7. Ill go with the same decision since we can cry or be joyful together.
  8. I'm heavily contemplating him or Diontae Johnson. I dont know guys i just dont know.
  9. Once the schedule becomes more difficult, we should be seeing good production.
  10. No clue. He’s on the pats and that’s really the only thing that matters.
  11. This guy always getting slammed by so called Fantasy experts but continue to deliver. I don’t have him on my teams but damn would I love to have him.
  12. Dodged a bullet.If he can return by Week 6, he has ATL and NYG back to back.
  13. Hope you’re right because the only reason I’m starting him is because of bye’s and injuries.