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  1. This guy can’t hold onto the football. He’s looking more and more stupid every week.
  2. Such horse s---! DJ 1 carry for 2 yards, wtf is that????
  3. I had my doubts starting DJ, but this is just ridiculous!
  4. Geez... Sunday morning and still doubtful. The dude isn’t going to play!
  5. Back and ankle issues.. can this guy get any more fragile? Guess I’m starting him without confidence.
  6. Bring on the gunslinger! That’ll be good for Tyreek
  7. What’s everyone’s thoughts on Mack back from the bye against Houston’s run D?
  8. I would do it. Adds value to your receiver corps. Could easily insert him into your starting lineup.
  9. Someone is offering me Cooks for Mclaurin. What would you guys do? WHIR
  10. No explosiveness, can’t break free, looks pretty shat out there. He should have took the contract he was offered.