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  1. Which defense, am i crazy for leaning towards the jets with gordon out? jets vs Pats eagles vs dallas cowboys vs eagles
  2. Id definitely do it, mixon and alshon are probably never starters and coleman is worse than bell. Upgrade your starters for a better shot at winning it all
  3. Probably hold Walton as he has the most upside imo. Lazard is the most likely to have a good week though but adams will be back eventually
  4. I have so many players on BYE and id like to ideally pick up a defense and kicker for this week, although it may be smarter to punt this week as all my top guys have BYE. Which two would be the be the best drops. curtis samuel, on BYE chris herndon, i have hooper as my starter malcom brown, hes injured and gurley is healthy sam darnold, lamar is my starter but Darnold has a nice schedule coming
  5. Its either dorsett or jacobi meyers and i cant decide whos the play. One will probably have a solid game
  6. Any real threat kamara misses more than 1 week?
  7. I like brady to throw a lot even if they get up big. We havent even seen a huge ceiling game from minshew yet.
  8. Crowder probably gets a lot of targets as NE tries to contain bell. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/770928-big-trade-need-help-asap-whir-100/
  9. Chris herndon and jimmy graham. Im punting this week because i have no chance at winning. I figure i need a wr just as bad as a TE however as my current wrs are robby anderson and brandin cooks
  10. Just got offered kamara and tyrell williams for my james conner and austin hooper. i am seriously lacking at wr and have decided to punt this week with all my players on BYE. My only concerns are the severity of kamara and williams injuries. If they miss this week its not big deal but weeks beyond that would really hurt me. Do it or no?
  11. Its a pretty equal trade in my opinion. I think i slightly favor the chubb side.
  12. Dont think id do it since your 5-1 you can afford a loss. I think that trade hurts you rest of season even though it may help this week
  13. I trade Austin hooper and lamar jackson i recieve Deandre hopkins my wrs are currently juju, cooks and robby anderson i can pick up sam darnold/kirk cousins and jimmy graham. I also have herndon on my bench. Do the trade?