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  1. negative 1 lol. yeah it looks bad. he will probably rot a hole on my bench from now on
  2. also, i think there's a lot of... different views on david johnsons potential that's causing disagreement. i think there's people who think he can return to 2016 glory days and i think those days are gone. he still should be an above average back that gets a ton of carries though. fingers crossed he gets good playing time tomorrow, and at full health. we will see.
  3. as for draft position, maybe he should have gone at the end of the first round. i took him #7 overall so it felt alright. many leagues weren't drafting him as a top 5 player anyway. but he's still getting a lot of volume.
  4. running backs in general are in short supply in 12 man leagues. most people are gonna start him anyways.
  5. The post about david johnson being 100% was literally posted just before I hit send lol
  6. People say drake was a phenomenal college athlete and was never given a proper chance to prove himself. So maybe he's really good. Wasn't Derrick Henry stuck in a similar situation? Splitting carries with other guys or playing on a bad team? Idk. Anyway, I'm more focused on this week. What is David Johnson doing this week? Is he playing? Too early in the week probably. Lets wait on practice reports.
  7. I'm gonna start him. More targets coming his way, Julio should get most of the coverage, and falcons could be playing from behind the whole game.
  8. Espn says he missed wednesdays practice with a bad ankle so he's probably not playing this week.
  9. I think it's a big red flag but at the same time, he's the type of player to miss multiple practices and still suit up for a game. He also got upgraded to healthy about an hour before the game. But if we're saying the head coach talk isn't reliable, then we have to go back to practice reports. And not logging full practices is probably bad. I don't know. lol
  10. Practice reports said david johnson was running with the rehab group last week, wearing a red shirt or something. I think we can conclude some things off the practice reports.
  11. After thinking about it for an hour or so, if David Johnson logs FULL practices in I'll start Johnson. Otherwise I'll start Edmonds or some other rb. I'm not starting both edmonds and david johnson. If edmonds gets the start, should the rough matchup make us consider other options? people are saying he still had bad runs against the giants.
  12. So we start chase edmonds this week? Is it gonna be a timeshare? As needed basis? Is David Johnson injured? Is David Johnson coming back? What's going on????
  13. Just off the top of my head, I think lead back role is given to the best talent, and doesn't correlate to how strong a team can pass. Leveon bell was lead back in pittsburgh when antonio brown was still a star. I don't think you see it too often because its rare that a team has a star running back and star wide receiver. You probably also want a star quarterback to go with it. I think the number of run plays called does in fact correlate to passing game, with weaker passing teams leaning on the run more. But run heavy teams and run light teams still choose lead back based on that players talent. Teams with weak backs will use rbbc. To tie this back in with mccoy, I could see kansas city calling more run plays. But whether mccoy soaks up the majority of these run plays is anyones guess. I'm leaning towards yes, he gets a larger role. But I don't think it's certain.
  14. In defense of Diggs he had 7 targets in weeks 2 and 4 with a respectable score. Throw in the Philly game and he's startable for sure. Plus Zimmer might change his mind and start throwing more. I know the game script was odd in those games but he's definitely better than anything on the waiver wire in 12+ man leagues.
  15. I believe he is startable in the right matchups but I also feel there is some recency bias going on. I'm under the impression that detroit is terrible against the run so there's that going against diggs this week.