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  1. His last three opponents are 4th, 5th, and 7th in defending fantasy QBs... in ESPN standard scoring from week 12 to 15 he plays Seattle (21st), Miami (27th), NYG (24th), and Washington (can’t see the ranking since they’re on bye but I assume they’re bottom 5 or 10). I wouldn’t judge him too harshly when he played three straight defenses in the top quarter and won’t even play an average defense from weeks 12-15
  2. Not a sure thing yet but he was expected to return this week—they’ve been inconsistent, but I don’t think I would confidently start any defense against Atlanta, especially during the fantasy playoffs. New Orleans is a top 10 unit but not matchup proof imo. Green Bay could be the best playoff defense this year—Washington and Chicago weeks 14 and 15, plus the Giants if your playoffs start early. Probably benching them for the Vikings in week 16, but I’ll be satisfied if they get me to the championship. They haven’t been great over the last six weeks (recent games against KC, Oakland, LAC, Dallas), but they’re good enough to perform in plus matchups and the Haskins Redskins might be the worst offense in the league. The Pittsburgh defense is a good hold, but I’m avoiding the Cardinals as a defensive matchup during the fantasy playoffs. I don’t know if this is a statistically smart move, but I prefer to start defenses who are at least competing for an NFL playoff spot—teams like the Jets and Browns (my last two streams) don’t seem as reliable, especially later in the year once their season ends.
  3. Kupp for Brees is a great deal—don’t worry about QB, you could easily package Hilton, Lockett, or Chark for a strong starter. Take the value now and work the rest out later.
  4. Montgomery unless you need a lottery ticket, I’d like to see a good game from Johnson before starting him
  5. Need to fill my WR2 spot with Julio on bye, standard scoring. Leaning Williams in a good matchup and with a decent QB, but Sutton has been getting more yards and maybe Brandon Allen has a strong debut? WHIR, feel free to link yours
  6. [...] I agree that Reynolds is worth a stash if you need someone to replace Cooks’ production, but I doubt many owners were starting him confidently before the injury anyway and this offense isn’t reliable enough to support a third WR. He’ll be (at best) the same risky matchup flex that Cooks was imo
  7. I don’t feel so good 🤢
  8. Basically in the same situation as I mentioned above, although my league’s playoffs don’t start until week 14. I think Cincinatti is the new Miami as long as Dalton is benched (they were already close), although Washington with Haskins is up there too. I’m rolling with Cleveland this week and will probably pick up Green Bay once I have room for a second defense.
  9. Dropped jets to stream cleveland this week, they have a good upcoming schedule—broncos with brandon allen, bills, steelers, dolphins, steelers again, then the bengals first week of playoffs. Also looking at green bay—giants, washington, chicago weeks 13-15 baltimore—bills, jets, browns in the playoffs leaning gb, i’ll probably pick them up next week if i can clear roster space for a second defense
  10. Considering dropping him for Penny, obviously depends on team comp—he wasn’t as bad as people made him out to be, and he has a history of coming back from concussions quickly. I think a lot of people will drop him and want him back in a few weeks
  11. Adams is better, Singletary would be your flex at best, Adams would be your WR1.
  12. @ree10 You traded Gurley and Samuel straight up for Rodgers and Jacobs? That’s a great deal, I’d much rather have Jacobs than Gurley ROS
  13. It’s a good team, I’d stick with it—you’ll have a shot with that roster if you can sneak in the playoffs. You could maybe hedge by trading Edelman, Cam, or Duke to get at least something back, but I think it’s too early to give up on the year, especially with an easy schedule. A lot of teams tank in my keeper league and it doesn’t usually work out like they expected... a bird in the hand, you know? Chubb-Julio-Hopkins can put up a combined 60+ any given week.
  14. Yeah those are both great deals if you can get them, I wouldn’t sell Hopkins for either of those pairs. He’s a top-half WR1 ROS and he’ll make your team significantly better (and it’s presumably already the best in your league)