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  1. I need 11.06 points from Mike Williams. Would be a great week to get that first touchdown.
  2. High altitude in Mexico City. Think he’s due for a TD
  3. Guy was really good at Alabama. His big runs were due to massive holes and he doesn’t look too fast. I wanna believe but I’m sceptical
  4. And they will. He’s a pretty good receiver in space and with all the attention Evans, Godwin, and even Howard command he is going to be the beneficiary of short passes. My guess is that is how they attack New Orleans.
  5. In 5 Career games vs Tampa Bay 50.8 Rushing Yards 6.4 Rec 71.6 Receiving Yards 1.2 TDs So history says 18.2 points as a floor.
  6. Looks like he might pay off for those who were patient
  7. Guy has great hands and the Seattle TE is money. Huge WW target in most leagues I’m sure
  8. Turns out he’s a pretty good receiving back
  9. Hmmm maybe that article was onto something. He sure seemed to eat into Barbers role. Maybe during the bye week the coaching staff looked over film and finally realized the potential from Jones was being waisted on the bench.
  10. Disagree having a running game takes less pressure off Winston
  11. Maybe Arians finally will realize that featuring ROJO is their best chance to win
  12. For everyone wanting to see more of running back Ronald Jones, Head Coach Bruce Arians is here to tell you he’s improving, and an increased role could be coming. https://www.buccaneers.com/news/improvement-for-ronald-jones-should-lead-to-increased-role-carmen-catches-up
  13. He’s a free pickup zero risk involved. If he is stuck behind AP he can easily be dropped again. Give me a better example of a waiver wire RB with as much potential.