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  1. What are your receivers like? Seems like you already have RB depth. But if you're set on adding a back, I'd add Williams.
  2. I don't think I'd fault you for this trade. Chubb\Barkley each week with Tyreek and Kelce? Yes please. I'm a Jacobs and Boyd owner but am pretty much done with anything associated with the Bengals offense, so I'd rather have Crowder. Love Jacobs but haven't seen consistent enough usage other than 1 game, so who knows how he could shape up. You lose depth in Coleman but Thompson isn't the worst bye week fill in, in a .5 PPR. Take the elite production at RB and enjoy. Like the other dude said, IF you could somehow swing Jacobs/Boyd/Andrews for Barkley/Hock, I'd do that in a heartbeat,
  3. Absolutely. I packaged Henry in a similar deal. Don't need 2 TE's and now is the perfect time to sell Henry, especially for Godwin
  4. Yea, the "puke" was for Mixon and the high pick I s--- down the drain on him
  5. Booked. I'll miss Chubb but as long Carson's pass work (and ankle/ball security) hold up I'll be fine. RB's are now Carson/Jacobs/Mixon (puke). WR's Hill/OBJ/Edelman/Boyd/Hollywood and Waller at TE in a PPR with bonus points. Time will tell.
  6. He just officially sent the Carson/Edelman deal surprisingly. Easy accept?
  7. That was my original thought. The owner running Goff out there every week is a Cowboy homer, but also winless. Can't see them making a move and the others seem very suspect of Dak (rightfully so). Well see.
  8. I have Waller and his bye is done. Snagged Hunter and his original owner wants him back. Also been hounding me for Chubb so we're throwing around offers via text. Some possibilities include: Chubb/Henry for Barkley/Chark Chubb/Henry for Carson/Edelman Chubb/Henry for Carson/Hilton Question is whether it's worth it to trade Henry since I have Waller? Or hold on for 2 good options? Currently using Boyd in my flex and I'm tired of watching this thing called a Bengals offense. Really don't see him moving Edelman since he's a rabid Pat's fan, but if I could get Barkley that's hard to pass up. Thoughts? Thanks
  9. Yea I have to agree. If Dak ***** the bed in week 7, then God knows what to do with him.