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  1. This is the exact spot I am in. If I can get Jones at a budget friendly price to at least be a streamer this week, I think I am ok with dropping Jameis but it is tough. I also bought the lotto ticket on Darwin Thompson last week and have a possibly injured Vance Mcdonald in my TE2 spot (paid up for Mark Andrews after week 1 when he was dropped prior to the game). With no other waiver targets really being that interesting, I may roster 3 QBs for a week (can't believe I'm even thinking about that) and wait to get a little more info. Its just so hard to drop Jameis now (he was a 14th rd pick for me but I still see so much potential) but it is also absolutely terrifying to think of starting him on the road against the Rams. Most likely scenario I guess is I get outbid on Jones and Allen plays over Winston for me this week.
  2. My thoughts exactly. I have him in both of my leagues and will be starting him over Goff as my 2nd QB in my 2 QB (benched for Josh Allen in the other). If he does not show well on a long week against the Giants then it is time to free up the roster spot I think.