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  1. Jerome Bettis was basically a better version of Blount. That's a really minimalist description and doesn't tell you much. What matters is "how much better?"
  2. It's not like Weddle's a guy you go after either. Probably more likely Ridley or Sanu.
  3. Considering he was partying with Watson after the game in Houston a couple weeks ago after the game, this seems likely. Julio's the type of guy who can beat Ramsey one on one. It should be an awesome battle though.
  4. I'm like 98% sure. If you've got a guy who can be cut I'd do it just to err on the safe side.
  5. Probably. He'll get up for Julio too, he loves the big time competition.
  6. Nope. Cut your kicker and put Green in an active spot.
  7. Both Singletary and Gore grew up in Miami and played college ball there, I'd bet both of their childhood teams. Could be a nice little narrative for both if they run for 300 yards on them lol.
  8. Most players seem to like Wade's system because it accentuates their strengths. I'm sure they've been planning for this as a possibility. Minus Peters and Talib they could run with him right away.
  9. Corbett could work out. Maybe he's better with the stretch zone stuff?
  10. Guess we don't need to worry about Jalen Ramsey this week.
  11. I don't think they can trade him while he's suspended and he gets back after the deadline. I think they got him to spell Chubb. I hope he's really good at it. If he puts in big rips between the 20s that means more work for Chubb inside the five.
  12. It's not inconceivable. It's quite possible. But as you've effectively demonstrated - Nick Chubb is not a volume play. Take a look at what he accomplished once installed as a starter in week 7. You've effectively got one game outlier where he didn't get more than 65 yards on the ground in games that counted (he scored a TD in that game). You'll notice something else about those game logs, more W's than before. We're talking about a guy who had 100 yards on 3 carries. I'm not saying Kareem Hunt won't have a role. I'm saying his role can't be significant enough to make Chubb less valuable for his team in real life and for fantasy owners. Just because he's seen volume early on this season doesn't mean that giving some of that volume to Hunt will knock him down from an elite tier. Quite the opposite. Spelling Chubb periodically with someone who can also break tackles puts him closer to the goal line. It yields more TDs for the whole offense. You say you have no dog in this fight. I beg to differ. Your dog is named seller's remorse. I won't talk about hindsight, if you don't when they end up splitting 65-35 come playoff time and he's still dropping 30 burgers.
  13. It might revive OBJ and Landry and who knows, maybe even Baker too. I know, blasphemous to suggest that a mere all pro left tackle could make an offense look better.
  14. If there's any truth to this? MASSIVE uplift.
  15. I'm not a huge fan of fostering GB RBs writ large, it seems like it's always some sort of committee approach and looking at what LaFleur inexplicably did with TEN last year it seemed like it was likely to be infuriating. That said, Jones is a talented dude in a vaccum, like you say tier 2 in talent, but god knows what in usage. Williams does all the little things well, that can play in Reid's offense, particularly when they get Fisher back. But yeah it's a mess. To compare these guys to Nick Chubb, I would say that OP sounds hopeful that he hasn't lost significant value in his trade and is talking himself into scenarios that just aren't comparable.