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  1. Allow me to present another potential wrinkle in the luck v skill debate...waivers that clear on Wednesday morning. It would appear to me that leagues that observe this practice (of which I am a part of) veer more towards the "luck" department. After all, you're basically throwing darts about things like respective availability of players, their teammates and their individual opponents with no practice reports to make determinations on their availability. Daily waivers based on FAAB are probably better for this.
  2. I think when you combine it with the idea that Mack was the centerpiece of the offense and now that kind of shifts to the passing game and Brissett, and you've also got a team that can score some points on them with Watson, you could see why this week at least the passing game guy would be more involved. If all goes according to their plan, of course, they're running the ball 30 times just like they would with Mack. But you can also see how they might need to adapt here.
  3. D'oh! Wrong AFC South dude. Point stands. If they can put the clamps on the Saints, whether it's Jags or Titans, conceivably it could work again.
  4. At this stage of the game you have to at least consider that the Falcons aren't a fluke. Playoff slate of shorting Jimmy G/Ryan Tannheill/Kyle Allen doesn't look super imposing IF (big IF) you think what they've done the past two weeks is sustainable.
  5. If I had a nickel for every time Vaughn McClure reported that Julio was walking with a limp I would be employing someone to write these posts while I dictated them.
  6. ...and then I turned around and I realized it wasn't TY Hilton at all, it was that damn Lockness Monster!
  7. Let it loop a dozen times for the full effect.
  8. I would very much appreciate you expressing this one to my leaguemates.
  9. Investigating what's wrong with Saquan this year is kind of like that science experiment they make you run in middle school where you break apart SCAT and investigate the parts under the microscope. There are many elements in there and you could make an argument about the composition, but at the end of the day you're just breaking apart poop.
  10. I know that he's given no reason to think so at the professional level, but I still think that Benny Snell has major potential.
  11. This is where luck comes into play IMO. Given what we know about Saquan Barkley and high ankle sprains, at some point it is reasonable to expect him to look like him again. Is this the week? IDK. Guess we'll see.
  12. I'd be on board for Was and Chi. I still have nightmares about that TNF game against PHI for their run defense so count me out for Saquan.
  13. My dream scenario is that Eli signs with the Chargers and Rivers with the Giants because I'm a big fan of dramatic irony.
  14. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that Jameis is gonna turn the ball over and throw for a bunch of yards.
  15. Yeah, it appears Quinn has given playcalling duties to Morris. Still, although you have to respect Jarrett and Beasley, everyone had Trufant as totally cooked, and no one else in the secondary scares you. I have to wonder if they came out of the bye week firing and how long that lasts. Riding the hot hand here seems like a scary proposition this time of year.
  16. I was going to say 83 bajillion yards and 17,423 touchdowns. But then you have to factor in the Saints possible TOP advantage, Kyle Allen's inconsistencies, and that Lattimore might be back somewhat hindering the Panthers passing offense and limiting goaline exposure, so I'm going to hedge my bet to a more conservative 67 bajillion yards and 13,489 TDs.
  17. No personnel changes. From the horse's mouth - As for what’s changed with the defense? Trufant said it’s pretty simple, actually. “We’ve just been executing,” Trufant said. “Before we were flat, no energy. Now, you can see it. We’re having fun out there and capitalizing on our opportunities. We’re just playing our ball.”
  18. My insane conspiracy theory is that they don't want to injure him on a running play in the RZ. It seems like ever since Kyle Shanahan everyone uses him the same way.
  19. I can't help but wonder if it's temporary. There are no fundamental changes in personnel from earlier on in the year. They've come out of the bye week looking like a completely different unit, but outside of Jarrett, Beasley and maybe Takk McKinley or Trufant their depth chart doesn't make the improvement look sustainable on paper.
  20. I'm a big fan. You can do Hou, TB, TB, ATL, OAK here seems like a nice, soft landing for your QB slot.
  21. This is the kind of juvenile humor I can really get behind.
  22. Anyone else really high on him this week? A lot of the attention is going to who is wearing the RB hat this week, but Houston's pass defense looks like the area to exploit. Also might have TY back in what could be a shootout for the division. Yes, yes, TNF caveat applies. That said...
  23. ...and the obvious caveat applies that they could still BE hurt and appear on many people's DND list next year. Experience informs our biases and the worst experience to have in this game is an in game injury to a trusted regular season player during the playoffs, in my experience.