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  1. Finally picked up a defense to stand in for New England during Week 14 (Green Bay). Now I can be at peace.
  2. Never said his fantasy football stats weren't fine but your'e probably right
  3. That was probably an overreaction, but putting up an offensive dud wasn't the best start when your team is still in the division race.
  4. He'd be a top 3 QB if you took away the turnovers
  5. How the tables turn so quickly 🤷‍♂️
  6. People are just in such a rush to be wrong about something 😂. No time to wait and see how they develop.
  7. His actual game was way worse than his fantasy game. Better hope the Jags don't get blown out next week or they may bench him.
  8. Nail biter on MNF you say 🤔? I'll look for you on the Vent and Rant thread tomorrow 😂 just kidding man. Good luck.
  9. A little worried about his next 4 games (@NE, Buf, @Chi, LAR). Will play against some of the best.
  10. 30+ two weeks in a row isn't ideal enough?