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  1. Lopsided trade but I wouldnt veto... Maybe the guy is jsut keyed in on Montgomery, definitely not collusion
  2. with those guys, I probably roll with Golladay. His team is weak and the QB especially but as someone who may start samuels this week, i think it might be more of Edmonds getting the points
  3. I'm an eagles fan, cant really say much about the Seahawks defense but in general teams are keying in on Ertz leading to Goedert getting a lot of easy screens and redzone touches. I like him this week, the talent is there
  4. Id play Baker. They are seeming to move the ball a little better and will probably run up the score. OAk pass rush is probably going to light up Darnold a bit
  5. Id be seeing if you can get your hands on a slight WR upgrade
  6. 10-1 half ppr. Got offered John Brown and Devin Singletary to an RB needy team for his DJ moore Current team is: Qb: Allen/Wentz, RB: CMC, Conner, Samuels, Singletary, Sanders, Guice WR: Evans, Golladay, john Brown, Tyler Boyd TE: Waller DJ moore seems like a much safer option as I approach the playoffs to start at WR, especially with Golladay looking a little weak. Thoughts?
  7. Id take that all day honestly, Brees and Singletary arent really necessary for your team
  8. Would trade my Conner (and likely Samuels) for Tevin coleman and T.Y. Half PPR Current Rb's are CMC, Conner, Singletary, Miles Sanders WR's are Evans, Golladay, John Brown, Tyler Boyd
  9. Id Go Lockett, Edelman, TY, even though i think JUJU should get some points
  10. Id Keep sutton over those other possibilities. Edmonds likely isnt usable the full year, same goes for Ty Johnson. Sutton is generally startable.
  11. Yes. Accept immediately. he's probably worried about Hunt but i wouldnt be.
  12. I'd go Dede and Samuel. Tate should get the Ramsey treatment.
  13. If it isn't a 2QB league I would drop cousins. I would try to find a way to keep Green as you don't have an abundance of receivers and are already 6-1
  14. I'd trade Ertz, keep Waller. Even if Ertz surpasses him he has way more recognition and the eagles offense seems to be moving away from targeting ERtz all day. I'd try to get Allen or Davante, or maybe a Qb plus a receiver
  15. I think you're giving up a bit if OBJ turns it on. Aaron Jones kinda varies week to week depending on the offense they run and has more competition. With that being said your RB's are a little weak so might be worth it, receivers already look pretty solid. I would probably do it