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  1. Id probably handcuff fournette
  2. Probably Scarborough, assuming they wanna see what they have with him and just run it up on Washington. If thats uncomfortable Id rock with Williams after that, Hill hasn't shown anything yet and thats a defense to pass on.
  3. Id go with gordon unless Nelly gets a clean bill of health
  4. I would go with White and Detroit D. Wouldnt drop SF for those last two weeks
  5. 10-1, .5 PPR. I only play weeks 15-16 in playoffs as I have a bye. I was offered Mahomes, MG3, and MIchael Thomas for MY CMC, Wentz, and Eagles D My Team before trade: Wentz/Allen... CMC/Conner/Samuels/Mack/Sanders.... Evans/Moore/Golladay/Boyd.... Waller... 49ers D, Eagles, Bears... Tucker I've asked a variation of this a couple times, but I'm still a bit stuck on it.
  6. I actually really like Hollister. Im an eagles fan and know they tend toleave people open, he seems like a good bet to get some volume
  7. Tough. Game against Browns should be higher scoring but their corners are good. Personally, I'd stick with Kupp as he seems the best bet to get something going with TY's injury... If not, I'd go crowder
  8. Personally would go Moore, Golladay, Sutton, TY I like TY a lot just hard to bank on him coming off of an injury, Buffalo is tough against the pass
  9. I like DJ Moore there, good opportunity to get some points as hes been getting a ton of targets
  10. I might go for it. When Thielen comes back, hard to know whats going on with Diggs
  11. Probably rather have Hollister than Cook honestly, but I guess if you really want to avoid NE D its a good deal, like Chark a lot
  12. PErsonally I'd go Carr. I see the argument for Brisset but I think its very possible that the Colts lean on their run game and try to gut out this win, which wouldnt lend itself to much yardage
  13. Im not sure Fuller is playing tonight. If he isnt 100% I personally wouldnt risk it if the game is this important. Brian hill looked awful. Id go Gabriel or Renfrow. Gabriel more likely to boom for you but Renfrow much less likely to bust
  14. id try to add someone a lesss valuable like Brown who just had a blowup game. Moore has a much easier rest of season schedule
  15. I like Williams tonight, should get a lot of work behind that Oline as they try to slow down the game
  16. 10-1, locked into a bye. Half point PPR. 13 Points behind league leader in PF, winner of that gets buy in back. Playoffs are 14-16, with bye it will only be 15/16 for me. 1 Flex. Was offered Mahomes, Melvin Gordon, and Michael Thomas for CMC, Wentz, and 49ers D by a team needing a win this week. My Team: Wentz/Allen at Qb, RB: CMC, Conner/Samuels, Sanders WR: Evans, DJ Moore, Golladay, Boyd TE: Waller Defense: 49ers K: Tucker His Team: QB: Mahomes, RB: Gordon, Lindsay, Montgomery WR: Michael Thomas, OBJ, Mclaurin Anything else I could add to make it worth while?
  17. Id go AROB. should be hard to throw on the Pats
  18. Interestig. Kind of my thought process except Mahomes is clearly an upgrade
  19. Would keep Singletary whos locked into a role on a better team
  20. I guess just trying to prep for the playoffs, was offered to me by a team that needs a win this week... Leaning towards not taking it but i like the offer