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  1. Won by 0.22 despite having Brian Hill and the Steelers D thanks to my old buddy Phillip Rivers! 10-1 on the year...Let’s Go!!
  2. You should trade on paper....but Thomas is so solid that it would be hard for me to lose that consistency.
  3. I would stick with Godwin. You need to win now and I don’t see OBJ giving you any value near Godwin.
  4. McLaurin assuming Keenum is the starter after he clears concussion protocol. He has a great schedule ROS.
  5. Should I start Mark Walton or Hunter Henry in my Flex spot. I feel like Henry May have the safest floor between them.
  6. I put out 3 offers to send Hunter Henry and OBJ for the following RB’s: Eckler, Jacobs, Bell. Who do I have the best chance of landing? All three teams I offered to need help at TE.
  7. Not watching the game but is Hopkins alive? Does Watson hate him???
  8. Agree with everyone else...don’t overthink it, start Stafford.
  9. I don’t like his schedule ROS. I think it depends on how knowledgeable the rest of the owners in your league are. I think he is worth a stash and then maybe sell high after a good week.
  10. Half PPR 10 team league What is my best play this week? I’m worried about matchups and injuries with a few guys. Should I be starting both TE’s or maybe just sitting OBJ and moving Chase Edmunds into Flex?? And then there’s the possibility of Murray over Kamara this week....too many decisions! Here is my lineup: QB: Stafford WR: Hopkins WR: OBJ RB: Kamara RB: Henry TE: Kelce Flex: Lockett DST: Pats K: Gould Bench: RB - L.Murray RB - C.Edmunds TE - H.Henry WR - G. Tate, Crowder QB - Josh Allen
  11. I’m looking to trade one of these guys since they are on the same bye in week 12...Kelce hasn’t been seeing the end zone so I’m thinking Henry has the upside. Which one do I move??
  12. He does have a great schedule ROS...I hope he shakes the cobwebs out and gets it together. I’m streaming at QB and up until tonight, was thinking of picking him up
  13. Dude that about took me outta here from laughing so hard!
  14. If Murray runs like this I’m not sure I want Kamara back....until Brees returns