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  1. No, but it's not awful. It's just that I think we've seen the best of Sabonis, and just about the worst of Robinson. Would feel like the wrong time to trade him away tbh.
  2. Statistically? Efficiency at the line mainly, then TOs and 3pt percentage
  3. I like him. He gives great all-round production (except assists), which is really what you're looking for in an end-of-the-bench guy. His FG% is a bit down this year (42.9%), but he's taking an extra couple of shots and making 2.5 3pg. He's great at the line (84.6%), gets steals and almost a block a game, and should get you 15+ ppg this year. I don't particularly like his game or anything, but there's not really much to dislike either!
  4. I like Din as a source of points in the later rounds, and supported with okay assist numbers. Good backup PG — I grabbed him in the 12th. He's a competitor and works hard, so I think he comes in ready. Showed okay in pre-season, but Kyrie wasn't around a heap. Do feel like he's a bit of a confidence/hype/ego player, so I do wonder if Kyrie throws him off a bit. Probably nothing to worry about. Poor defensive numbers and fg efficiency can be poor too. I think he plays 25 mins for 15.5 pts / 4ast / 2.2 reb / 1.8 3pm / 82% ft and 42 fg% Kyrie will miss a few games (maybe Caris too), and he could easily go for 30+ in those games if he's on. It's hard to find points and assists late, so have no problem with taking him in the later rounds.
  5. He has great potential but I’m keeping my distance due to his extra-curricular challenges. He’s facing some domestic abuse charges or similar, so he might hi a dead end.
  6. Nice line today from him without AD 12 points 13 rebounds 6 assists 4 steals 1 block 2/4 fgm 8/10 ftm I think he can still perform.. just doesn't have much opportunity they way it looks at the moment.
  7. I can't see the Nets pushing JA back much more (I'm a Nets fan, watch all the games). Kenny will start JA when he can, I think. He's a bit more reliable defensively, so long as he doesn't get out-muscled. I see the split being about 50/50.. even though DJ's only 31, the news stories around the Nets position seem to position him primarily as a mentor to JA and a throw-in from the Kyrie/KD trade. I don't see Kenny changing gears too dramatically for DJ when they're trying to develop JA.
  8. I've speculatively picked him up off waivers and chucked him in my IR (I had a wasted pick to replace). I'm hoping he plays the first game of the season while he's still IR-eligible, and will have a clearer idea what to do with him after that.