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  1. Pick him when you can!! Then go for another WR Help mine pls
  2. Tough Without kamara in this week you could go 3-6 but i think after his bye heβ€˜ll be back and will get you your points. 55-45% iβ€˜d stay with kamara
  3. Look for more for this package or try to pack other players. I get your point in trying to stack a better qb but i think you are giving up to mich with engram and woods. help mine:
  4. Iβ€˜d do this. Jets schedule is nice and Bell will get his part of the cake for sure. Hopkins, Thomas, Carson, Bell gives you a nice RB/WE starting set help mine pls:
  5. Hi guys, need to set up my (winning-)lineup in a PPR league, pls help:) I'm starting C.Carson (vs. TB) and M.Evans (@SEA). I need 1 RB, 1 WR and 1 Flex out of: J.Howard (vs. CHI) D.Montgomery (@PHI) J.Williams (@LAC) K.Drake (vs. SF) D.Adams (@LAC) C.Sutton (vs. CLE) DJ Moore (vs. TEN) K.Stills (@JAX) THX in advance, WHIR!!
  6. Yes iβ€˜d do it. My add would be AJ Brown over Davis (if available), both over Preston Help mine
  7. I doubt heβ€˜ll accept this this but if he does just go for it help mine