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  1. Honestly I think going with your gut is better than data / eyes... each week has been a ****show this year in fantasy, guys with perfect match up flops.. guys with horrid matchups kill it.. bench players going off more than starters.. I think people over analyze way too much.. My gut says this situation is one to stay away from and looks like the hot hand approach with Wilkins in the fold
  2. its because im facing the owner that has Coleman... faced him in week 8 when he got 4 TD's and 100+ yards. I can only assume he will rip a** again this week.. I'll put him at RB rank 4 this week FFS.
  3. I'm sure we can find 100 clips of tampa D truckin over RBs this year... Didnt Barkley rush 8 times for 10 yards against TB earlier this year? lol
  4. dude DJ in 2016 had 2118 all purpose yards and 20 TDs.. GTFO
  5. boys the lack of faith here is nuts! DJ will come out the gate fresh for fantasy playoffs when we need him
  6. F1 is back, haskins training wheels were removed during they bye. Expecting BIG things ROS for Scary Terry
  7. Been holding this boi all year... coming out fresh off IR gonna be a ROS League WINNER
  8. Freeman has been a straight flop this year, was supposed to put up huge numbers with Coleman traded away and Freeman has been pedestrian.Conner is clear cut ahead of Samuels, I cant say the same for Freeman. If hill can have a good game or two while Freeman is out, whose to say they wont keep riding him? Sounds like Freemans injury could be longer than two weeks and foot injuries never bode well with RBs. He can catch the ball too and could see some nice garbage time stats. Ito Smith was pushing playing time from Freeman before his injury too....
  9. Hill has the best match up by far and looks to get a showcase game here. DJ hasn't been producing lately and I could see them operating with the hot hand here Drake looked great against SF last time, but I'm sure they'll have a chip on their shoulder looking for revenge. am I crazy for leaning towards hill over DJ / Drake?
  10. Ed Dickson in the mix now too.. could see him snaking some TDs from Hollister as teams might focus him a little more that he's performed great the last couple weeks
  11. Just the late season appeal of Hill is intriguing, Freeman hasn't been lights out this year with Coleman gone and was ejected two games ago, then gets hurt last game. I could see Atlanta giving Hill the opportunity here to run away with the job. Coach said they are more than comfortable using him as a 3-down back which is more you can ask for when other RBs go down and it becomes a committee approach. He has something to play for! fire it up hill.. [...]
  12. I love the Hill haters... obvi someone in their league swooped him up and they gotta bash him to make themselves feel better. Like i said.. league winner ROS.. Freeman is forked