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  1. You're right. He's outscored George Kittle this season.
  2. Absolutely love to watch this guy! Fascinated to see what he does against the 49ers. Their D-Line is a lot more athletic than the Pats, so could limit him to 25 fantasy points.
  3. FFS. This injury seems to be taking him some serious time to shake off. I feel like he's going to be featured when he's ready to go, but my patience is being severely tested...
  4. You may need to chill out a bit my friend...
  5. Getting ready for his 20 targets a game.
  6. Rolling out Jockstrap Minshew (vs HOU) over LJ this week with confidence. I don't think BB respects the Ravens passing game, so we're probably looking at constant pressure and stacked boxes. Let's see...
  7. Vs the Dolphins, the Steelers D could put up 28 on their own!
  8. This was absolutely brutal... But also spot on.
  9. Just another average week for these beasts. 5 sacks, three turnovers and a TD. Outrageous. Depending on scoring, now about even (or better) on fantasy points with CMC. Now the tougher run begins... @ Baltimore next week. Expectations?