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  1. I've been offered the following trade: Give: Chubb, Diggs Receive: Melvin Gordon, Tyreek Hill My Team is: QB: Dak RBS: Kamara, Chubb, Montgomery, Latavius, Henderson WRS: Hopkins, Godwin, Woods, Diggs, John Brown TE: Hunter Henry, Herndon DST: Pats K: Butker I am in a 12 team full PPR league, 1QB, 2RBS, 2 WRS, 1 FLEX, 1TE, 1DST, 1K. SHOULD I MAKE THIS TRADE?? Owner also has Todd, Golladay, Ertz, A Rob, R. Freeman to name a few of the relevant players. I'm debating moving Chubb before Kareem comes back, and looking to sell high on Diggs. Is this the right decision? ANY HELP/SUGGESTION IS APPRECIATED! WHIR!
  2. TRADE GOT VETOED! Said they would let Hopkins and Chubb go through for Carson and A Jones. What do yall think??? Still do the trade or Pass???
  3. Accepted the trade. Thanks for all the help guys!
  4. Do you think Lockett is a major upgrade from Woods?
  5. the team im trading also has mixon and juju, should I try to get on of them instead of lockett?
  6. bump. anyone else think this a good/bad trade? I'd love to hear some reasoning from you guys
  7. Is this a no-brainer? Do you think I could get more out of trading Jones and Carson?
  8. True, my starting line up would be stacked. I'm mostly worried about how Chubb's fantasy numbers will be affected once Kareem comes back. You think his workload takes a big hit?
  9. I have been offered the following trade: Give: Aaron Jones, Chris Carson, Robert Woods Receive: D Hop, Chubb, Lockett Should I do this trade? I'm in a 12 man PPR, my record is 4-1 My team goes Dak,Kamara, Aaron Jones, Carson, Montgomery, Gallman; Woods, Godwin, Diggs, John Brown, H. Henry, Herndon. If you don't think I should do this trade, how should I try to get HOP or CHUBB or BOTH??? PLEASE HELP! WHIR!
  10. Would you guys rather have Kerryon over Carson and Jones ROS? Also, is Amari that much of an upgrade from Woods ROS??
  11. I hear you. Any chance that rest of season Mixon ends up being better than Carson and/or Jones since they could end up splitting carries? Also, is Lockett that much of an upgrade from Woods ROS?
  12. bump. I need all the help I can get! WHIR!
  13. I'm trying to trade for Kerryon and/or Amari Cooper. My team goes Dak, Kamara, Carson, Aaron Jones, Montgomery, Gallman; Woods, Godwin, Diggs, John Brown, H. Henry, Herndon His team has: Rivers, Conner, Kerryon, Tevin Coleman, Jaylen Samuels; Amari, Edelman, Curtis Samuel, Sutton, Gallup, OJ Howard, Graham What kind of offer(s) should I make?? Was thinking of trading Carson or Jones and Woods for Kerryon and Amari. Is this too much?? Should I just target one of them? Anyone else I should target? HELP!! WHIR! 12 man, PPR