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  1. hi, are you still looking for a team   16 team league 4 divisions 2 wild cards free league  small trophy to the winner

    9 starters   8 bench   trade draft picks also   trading deadline this friday nov. 8

  2. sent an invite league.  16 team, draft picks & trades allowed up until Nov. 8  the team still has a shot at the playoffs

    1. sunrisesurprise


      free league   i give out a small trophy to the winner

  3. i have a keeper leauge.(2) 16 teams, 4 divisions, 6 teams make the playoffs.
  4. How about a 16 team, 2 keeper leauge, 4 division, 6 teams make the playoffs, draft pick trades The need needing to be replaced is 3-4 one game out of first in the division. also no ppr i'll send an invite, if interested you can accept thanks
  5. Looking for a fantasy football team manager not afraid to make a trade or 2. This draft has 16 teams, 4 divisions, and 6 playoff teams. Also is a 2 keeper league and are allowed to trade draft picks. If interested message back and i'll send a link. league thanks
  6. Hi, 2keeper league going on 10 season. Looking to replace an owner who never makes moves. If interested please respond and i'll send a link.
  7. Hi, I have a team in a 16 team, 4 division, 6 teams make the playoff league available.  If interested comment back and i'll send an invite to the league.

  8. Hello, i have 2 teams extra that im managing in my leauge because the 2 owners drafted and never made another move. This is in the leagues. 1 team is 0-4 with Zeke & Cooper. The other is 2-2 with Kamara & Rivers. This is a 16 team league, 4 divisions & 2 wildcards make the playoffs. We also have 2 keepers in this league. If interested email me at and i will send an invite.
  9. i run a 16 team league that drafted in July. 2 teams havent made any moves and im replacing them. No cost to play, I give out a trophy to the winner. The league is 10 years strong and we keep 2 players.