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  1. This kid is primed for a great year! He’ll have all the opportunity to play at the 4 and back up 5 and we have seen flashes of what he can do when given the opportunity.
  2. Thanks for help with mine. I’d take Lillard/Beal combo. Plenty of bigs available from round 4-6 at your spot you’ll get a double pick. I’ll go 2x guards to secure assists then 2x bigs. SF is also a difficult position to fill so Lillard/Kawhi is good too. Then look to get someone like Brogdon/SGA/Lowry after 2x bigs selection. Good luck!
  3. I guess we are both seeing a different player. Fultz can be a great defender, has good court vision and is strong to the basket. His shot is what is letting him down. In that list, I like Tyler Herro and Bell as well if they are given the opportunity.
  4. Dude is a beast. He is being drafted in most of the mocks i am in between 7-9th round. I would gladly take in the 7th for his upside. I think he continues his breakout year/play off form. If he can bring his ft% up to high 70s you’ll be laughing if you took him in the 7th. Drafting this dude everywhere he falls to 7th round. Maybe even 6th depending on the situation.
  5. They have been better but Fultz has way more upside than any of those guys. I think it’s definitely worth the risk for a last spot.
  6. I think you’ll struggle to hit 3s and your ft% will be poor also. I’d attempt for someone like Z.Collins instead of Fournier in your last spot there around the 100s and probably even take Bam instead of Favors for his ability to assist and higher ft%. I like your other picks though. Any help on mine would be great. Thanks!
  7. That is a great team man. I came to provide critique and I’m struggling to find many flaws in your team. Gallo and Jimmy should be taking more shots this season and getting to the line more and should offset some of the poor ft% too. Tony only concern is some of the injury risk you have in your team... Butler, AD, Gallo, Zeller, Seth... Please help
  8. Definitely stash in IR. Come November you’ll be regretting it. That is a terrible trade! Please help
  9. That’s not bad. Seth can provide some 3’s if he can stay healthy. I think Reddish is worth a flier too.
  10. H2H 9cat 14 team PG/SG/G - SGA/D.White/Ball SF/PF/F - LBJ/J.Collins/Siakam C - Adebayo/Z.Collins Utility - Morant/Looney Bench - Barton/OG/Reddish Appreciate any critique
  11. I’d take Jokic as well. You’ll get a guard in 2nd round - Doncic, Trae, Booker, one of these guys will definitely be available.
  12. I would definitely do that. I think people are reaching for MRob, and Hield won’t improve on last year. If you can absorb the first month without PG then you’d be laughing.
  13. That’s a tough one. Pretty fair trade to me. I would lean more towards Doncic and Ayton just because of injury risk.